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SpaRitual Organic bath salts

In Beauty on 05/05/2013 at 07:55

Where I got it: I got Instinctual as a free sample with an order from Skincare Rx. I got Close Your Eyes from the April glam box from Sample Bar. This is available on Skincare Rx for USD$25.

What I got: These are 17g sample packs of organic bath salts by SpaRitual. The two fragrance I have is Close Your Eyes and Instinctual. The are multipurpose so they can be used as bath salts, foot baths, or hand baths. They are also vegan and 70% organic. Instinctual has ginger essential oil and the Close Your Eyes has geranium essential oils. The sample amount is just enough for a hot foot bath/hand bath. The bath salt mixture contains Californian sea salt, Epsom salts, Corylus clay to detoxify, sooth, firm and tone the skin.

How I find it: I fill a small tub with warm water that is just a bit hotter than shower temperature. Fill it up so that it fills just above my ankles. Sprinkle the salt into the tub and rinse the pouch to get all the salt out. The salt melts rather fast and the aroma fills the air. Dip my feet in and my body just melts…. It’s soooo relaxing.

Overall: I love these salts but I probably won’t use it as bath salts because I would need to use a lot. I enjoy foot baths and they are quite good for circulation and it would be great for winter months (autumn in NZ right now)




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