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Evolu Anti-aging Beauty Tower

In Beauty on 04/05/2013 at 22:00

Where I got it: I got this in the April glam box from Sample Bar. This retails for $49.95.

What I got: This is a beauty tower by Evolu. This includes 6x10ml products: Relaxing cream cleanser, renewing facial exfoliator, firming eye cream, anti-aging day cream, rehydrating facial masque, anti-aging night cream. I have been using Evolu rosehip oil for a while and it has been great (I stopped using it during summer because it was a bit too rich).

How I find it: I took this with me during my 3-day training trip down in Christchurch.

Relaxing cream cleanser: I usually don’t use a cream cleanser because I feel it doesn’t clean my skin enough. This feels like a usual cream cleanser, it is soft and has a soft scent. Wash off was not oily at all which was great!

Renewing facial exfoliator: the exfoliator is very creamy and gentle. The small granules were soft and felt like rice grains. Very comfortable to use and rinse of easily and clean.

Firming eye cream: light but moisturizing formula. I applied this thick on my eye area while I was using the hydrating masque. The eye cream soaked into my skin and was not greasy or filmy at all! I love it.

Anti-Aging Day Cream: this day cream is very moisturising, but feels a bit thick for me. No SPF 😦

Rehydrating facial masque: this is one of Evolu’s product I wanted to try or a while now. It has got some nice reviews. The texture feels a bit like a balm because it is a little thick. After about 10 seconds on the skin, it makes my skin dry to the touch. It is not greasy at all, but it’s not like it dried my skin out. After 10mins I wash off and my skin is soft and makeup glides on easily. Loving this scent as well.

Anti-aging night cream: this night cream is very moisturizing, but I don’t think I can use this long term because it is a bit too thick for my oily/combination skin.

Overall: The travel tower is a very convenient idea as one screws into another. You won’t have to fluff around to find little jars in your sanitary bag, it’s all in one item! The thing is you can’t pull a certain item out because it will have to go without a cap. Would be nice if they have you an extra cap!



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