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Jurlique Rosewater Hydrating Mist

In Beauty on 06/05/2013 at 22:00

Where I got it: I got this at Ballentynes at Christchurch Re-Start container mall while I was down there for some training (helping to rebuild the lovely city). The mist is $55 for 100mL and $40 for 50mL. Obviously the $55 for 100mL is much better value if you compare it to the 50mL version… for $15 more you get 50% more product! You can get this for AUD$ on Jurlique’s website, Cosme-de.com, Strawberrynet.

What I got: I got a 100mL glass bottle of the Jurlique Rosewater hydrating mist. This comes with a clear cap and a spray pump that delivers a fine mist. Jurlique’s rose moisture plus range have been popular for a very long time and very much talked about. Particularly, this hydrating mist. This mist claims to protect against moisture loss and environmental damage. The Rose Essential Oil and botanicals refreshes and enliven the skin and sense.

How I find it: After cleansing, I pat my face lightly to dry and spritz this directly onto my face (about 4 pumps, sometimes my aim is bad, but this take a bit of practice). The rose scent is very relaxing and lovely to use (that is if you like rose scent, some people don’t). The mist is absorbed quickly and it calms my skin redness a little bit. I use this day and night and whenever I need a hydration boost.

Overall: I am so in love with this mist, this has been in my wishlist for a long time and now I am addicted to the scent! This is the best rose scent I have experienced so far and it is the closest to the real thing (a rose). The bottle design is quite unique to Jurlique, I haven’t seen much bottles this shape and this texture. There is a word to describe be texture but it is totally lost in my mind, but it feel like frosted glass, therefore give a good grip on the hand. It will take a few uses to actually see its effects, but I expect that it will be a staple piece during my winter days especially in the air-conditioned office which will be drying to my skin!

I also bought other products from Jurlique and I got a lovely gift set with my purchase! I got the Citrus Purifying Mist and the gift set included a Purely Age-defying eye cream, Purely Age-defying Night Lotion and a Rose hand cream.


  1. […] from Jurlique and I got a lovely gift set with my purchase! I got the Citrus Purifying Mist, Rosewater hydrating mist and the other items in the gift set included a Purely Age-defying eye cream and a Purely […]

  2. […] After washing off the residue of the mask, I used Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair serum and Jurlique Rosewater hydrating mist to keep the moisture level up. So while I leave my hair to cool, I apply Maybelline Age Rewind Skin […]

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