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Garnier The Brusher Gel Cleanser

In Beauty on 02/01/2014 at 10:00

Where I got it: I was shopping on strawberrynet.com for my Elie Saab fragrance and realized that they cannot do free shipping just for fragrance products without purchasing a skincare/make up product. So I searched for a nice and cheap product to put in my basket to get free shipping. Strawberrynet.com does a 10% surcharge for the total basket with a cap of NZD$11.00 for shipping and handling. So this cleanser was less than NZD$11.00! However, it is sold out already. 😦

What I got: This is Garnier The Brusher Gel Cleanser. I have not seen this in New Zealand or anywhere at all, so it was something new. This gel cleanser is oil free and is it is suitable for normal skin.


How I find it: At first, it looks interesting. The plastic bristles feels soft to the fingers touch. As per the instructions, I wet my face, twist the white part of the bottle top to open, invert the bottle and squeeze a small amount of gel cleanser onto the brush area (the opening is in the middle). Twist it close and run some water to the bristles. Massage the bristles directly onto my face.

Overall: I don’t like the brush at all! The bristles are soft, but they are not dense enough to do any substantial cleansing of the skin or more pores at all. Moreover, the cleanser is not able to foam up because it just runs through between the bristles and down the sink! I ended up squeezing the gel cleanser onto my palms and lather it up with my hands to wash my face. The cleanser formula is great and smells nice, but the brush is just a bad idea. After washing off, it does make my skin feel clean without being too drying.


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