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Bio oil

In Beauty on 10/01/2014 at 10:00

Where I got it: I got sent this for review (I am 3 months pregnant!), but this is available from Supermarket, Farmers, pharmacies, Kmart, etc for about $25.00 (200ml bottle).

What I got: This is a 200ml bottle of Bio oil (contains PurCellin Oil). Bio oil is well known for its effects on scars and stretch marks. It is also great for uneven skin tone, dehydrated skin and anti-aging as it is a great skin oil for rejuvenating the skin. Bio oil requires consistent use and patience if it is for the treatment of scars. For treatment of stretch marks, the instruction recommends to use from the second trimester. For existing stretch marks, it will need consistent use and patience because prevention is more effective over post-treatment.

How I find it: I started using this as soon as I found out I am pregnant (about 7 weeks) and I use it twice a day. I focus mainly on my tummy and my waist area, I also use this on my bust, thighs and buttocks. I was told by different people where they had stretch marks because they have missed some areas where they thought would not be affected. I am NOT going to let that happen to myself. Therefore I use this generously and not dare miss one application. Massaging with gentle circular motions, I also love to talk to my baby while I do it so I can connect with my child. 🙂

Overall: So far, my tummy is not growing that fast, but I can feel that the area where I applied the oil is really hydrated and moisturized. I have used about 1/3 of the bottle already, I assume that I will use up about 3x 200ml bottles until the birth of my baby. It will take a couple of months (after the baby is born) to see whether my persistence and patience has been paid off. I would also need to continue to use this after the birth to firm and moisturize the skin.

Disclaimer: I am not paid to do these reviews. All reviews are of my honest and personal opinions.


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