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Savar Travel Balm set

In Beauty on 27/12/2013 at 12:30

Where I got this: I was sent this for review from savar, but you can purchase this from their website for NZD$44.00.

What I got: This is the Jet Set Travel Treat Balm from Savar. This contains 3x 15ml of Savar’s lovely balms – Jet Set First Aid Balm, Jet Set Magic Rescue Balm and Jet Set Temple Relief Balm. The individual balms come in a black tub are a convenient travel size that fits perfectly in the toiletry bag.


How I find it: 

Jet Set Magic Rescue Balm: An emergency ultra nourishing balm fabulous for dry patches anywhere including lips, face, hands, cuticles and heels. Formulated with NZ blackcurrant seed oil and NZ meadowfoam oil this multi-tasking rescue balm will hydrate, soothe, soften and protect your skin. I love using this as a lip balm and elbow balm. It is a little hard to melt on the fingertips so I need to swirl a good couple of times with a little pressure to get the balm onto my fingers. I also love using this balm to remove lipstick that tends to stain. I remove the lipstick with tissue, apply the balm all over my lips, then use the tissue to remove it again with gentle pressure. That will remove a good amount of the left over stain and keep my lips soft!

Jet Set First Aid Balm: A travellers essential formulated with NZ manuka and NZ calendula to help skin recover from irritations, itchy bites and minor rashes. Also works wonders on lips, spots and blemishes. I also use this on my lips and anywhere that I have minor irritations. Sometimes I have patches of dry, rough areas on my arm so I apply this a couple of times a day for about 2 days and it gets rid of it!

Jet Set Temple Relief Balm: A fabulous calming and cooling balm formulated with NZ meadowfoam oil and essential oils to help relieve the symptoms of stress and tension – also works exceptionally well in clearing the sinuses! This balm is great! I tend to get motion sickness when I travel – by car usually. I love using this on my temples and/or under my nose so it can give me instant relief. Same issue with the balm being a little hard, it is a little difficult to get a good bit of balm on my fingertips.


Overall: As you can see all the balms looks exactly the same, and their consistency is exactly the same. The scent is different and they have different benefits and effects. I really love the size and the sleek packaging of these balms. The versatility of these balms makes them very useful. I will be travelling overseas early next year so I will be bringing these 3 babies with me!

Disclaimer: I am not paid to do these reviews. All reviews are of my honest and personal opinions.


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