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Le Tan Fast Tan Instant bronzing spray

In Beauty on 20/12/2012 at 19:42

Spray tan is not my favourite beauty product, nor is being tanned my favourite colour. As a typical asian girl, I like to keep myself fair. However, I do admit that I tan easily and I just can’t get away without getting a bit of tan every summer (also makes me look slimmer). Anyway, last month’s glam box had a large tube of self-tanning gel and that would’ve actually lasted me 2 summers, so I didn’t expect another tanning product.

Where  got it: I got this from the December Glam Box from Sample Bar. This is $11.99 from the Glam Store on Sample Bar.

What is this: This is a 45g bottle of  instant spray tan. It claims to provide an airbrush quality moisturising spray tan.

How I find it: Despite being another tanning product that I won’t really use often, I thought this one would be easier to use. Just spray and go! This is my first time using a spray tan, so the instruction states: shake well and spray in fluid motions 30-40cm away. Instantly, you will see a difference, but in terms of even distribution, it really depends if you did a good spray job. I find it hard to reach the backs.

Overall: As the bottle states, no streaks, I agree with that. The spray nozzle is good, but there are little specks that fly out and created spots on my legs. For some reason, I did not reach very well to the back of my knee so I missed a couple of spots, thus making some areas without tan (my sister actually said it looks like I purposely used the spray tan to create a sculpted look on my legs! haha!). There is a down side to this spray tan, I used it in the bathroom and the product landed on my white tiled wall and floor. I had to wipe it down quickly so it doesn’t stain! The results tho, it a very natural tan that will not transfer once its dried. I love the vanilla scent tho. I love it






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