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Yeswalker shoe haul – stiletto boots and ankle boots

In Fashion on 24/12/2012 at 10:00

Where I got these: I bought these 2 boots from Yeswalker while they are having buy one get one free promotion (still on until 31st Dec).

What I got: I got Stiletto Boots in black (EU35) and Stiletto Ankle Boots in white and black (EU35). They are US$110 and US$95.00 respectively. With the buy one get one free offer, I got both for US$110 which is $134 NZD.

How I find it:

Stiletto boots: It is of suede and faux leather with gold-tone features. The side zip closure works perfectly fine with the zip going all the way down so putting your feet in is easy. Total foot length is 225mm and heel height is 13mm. The inside lining is suede-like so it is very smooth and comfortable. Only 2 thing I would need to comment is that firstly these will NOT fit people with ‘thick’ feet because it can get kind of tight in the foot area (my feet are pretty much normal, so it fits me perfectly and my foot won’t move up and down). Secondly, if you have big calves, these will not fit you (my calves are a bit muscular, but I managed to zip it up! Please let me know if you have any slimming remedies/products for legs!). Otherwise, these are really comfortable to walk in ( but I will need spend some time walking in them first to put my final verdict). They are just so pretty and sexy! I love them.


20121207-212900.jpgStiletto Ankle Boots: It is of white faux leather with black buckle details and piping detail at the front. Again the faux leather is in perfect condition, zip works fine, soles and heels are in great condition. Good grips on the soles as well! Total foot length is 225mm adnd heel height is 13mm. The inside lining is the same as the stiletto boots. The crocodile skin pattern on the belt is a nice touch and accent against the white faux leather. Again, this would not fit someone with thick feet so well because it is quite small in the foot area.




20121207-212928.jpgHow I would wear it:

Stiletto boots: I would wear these boots in fall or winter with sheer tights, pair it with a dress or shorts. These could be dressed up for a fancy dinner/date or dressed for parties (if you can dance with stiletto heels). If you have thin calves, you could dress this down a bit and stuff your skinny jeans inside!

Stiletto Ankle Boots: I would wear these more often because they are less ‘dressy’. I could wear these with tights, leggings, skinny jeans or just with bare legs (with bottoms of course!). There are so many possibilities! Wait until I have a chance to wear these babies out I’ll take some photos 🙂


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