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OOTN – Work christmas party

In Fashion on 20/12/2012 at 09:19


What was the occasion: Work Christmas party at the Rooftop terrace at Rydges Hotel. Theme was awards night.

What I wore:


Dress: Black rouched velvet short dress I got from ASOS (forgot how much, I got it a while ago on sale). I am not very tall, about 160cm, but the dress length fits quite good. The dress has a zip at the back and boning at the bust. This is the second time I wore this and it was for a wedding at a winery. I paired it with a fur shawl, but I like how I wore it this time round. During the night, the dress stayed up well, but the boning (metal strip) keeps digging in my skin so that was a little irritating.

Heels: Black velvet heels I got from TradeMe (no-brand) and they were about $20-$30. The heels have a zip at the back so it was easy on and easy to take off. As with all cheap shoes, the zips scraps the back of my heels a little but its bearable. The overall heel and show is quite good and comfortable so no complaints there! I also wore these with tights, shorts and a simple top to a dinner with my sisters.

Necklace: I got this from Equip for about $36.00 just the day before the event. I was looking for a statement necklace to match this simple dress so that I don’t look too boring. This necklace did just the right thing. I love this necklace other than the fact that I can’t wear it for too long because it is quite heavy! I actually have to hook this all the way up the chain so that it doesn’t sit too low. I can definitely wear this again with a plain top/dress!

Thanks for reading! xoxo

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