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Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System

In Beauty on 06/12/2013 at 09:00

Where I got it: I was sent this for review, but this is widely available from leading pharmacies, supermarkets, etc. for $34.49. Replacement heads are $9.99 for 2.

What I got: This is the Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System (also known as ProX system in other parts of the world). The set comes in a beautiful box complete with instructions, the hand-held device, 2xAA batteries, 20ml gentle cleanser and a brush head. This system is said to be a more affordable version of the Clarisonic (I have the Clarisonic Mia2 and I love it!)

How I find it: Putting together the parts is quite easy really, the hardest part is getting the battery compartment out because if your hands don’t have grip, its really hard to pull the bottom part out which is where the batteries go. As soon as the batteries are in, I just pop on the brush head and its ready! The first time using this I cleansed my face from makeup with cleansing oil, then rinsed off. I then wet the Olay Cleansing brush head and apply some of the Olay Regenerist Skin Renewal cleanser onto the brush head. Switch it on and start moving it around my face. I use the low speed first to spread the cleanser around, then use the high speed to deep clean. After about a minute, I rinse off the cleanser and my skin feels really clean and soft.

Overall: The bristles are really soft and the rotational motion is rather gentle as well. It cleanses well and the brush head is easy to clean. I use this with my Michael Todd Charcoal cleanser or my Shiseido Ibuki cleanser and they all work fantastic. I would avoid using a cleanser with beads that will get caught between the bristles.

For the comparison to Clarisonic. This uses batteries and needs to be replaced, Clarisonic is rechargable. They are both waterproof so you can use them both in the shower. Olay is definitely more affordable than Clarisonic. Olay is a rotational motion, but Clarisonic is a super fast back and forth (clockwise, anticlockwise motion with forward and backward) motion. Clarisonic cleanses deeper but can be a bit harsh to sensitive skin. Olay has only one type of brush head for all skin types, Clarisonic has a couple to choose from for different skin types. Clarisonic has a timer (1 minute), Olay doesn’t. Olay is more gentle (I would use it on my eyes sometimes to remove really stubborn waterproof mascara residue) than the Clarisonic.

Overall, I think Olay is definitely a easy to access and affordable option from the Clarisonic.

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