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Eye of Horus Liquid Eyeliner

In Beauty on 14/01/2014 at 10:00

Where I got it: I was given this as part of a goodie bag I got from an event by FlauntPR a while ago. Eye of Horus is available from their website, or from a list of stockists found here. The eyeliner retails for NZD$ 39.00

What I got: This is a Liquid Define liquid eyeliner from Eye of Horus. The felt tip liner gives complete control and does not have any dial to turn or buttons to push for the formula to dispense, it is purely for the formula to soak in the tip. One really interesting thing with this liquid liner is that you can use a tweezer to pull out the tip and reverse it when the tip frays or becomes blunt. This is also paraben free.


How I find it: Remove the black cap to reveal the felt tip liner, I first tried it on the back of my hand (as above picture) and the pigment looks great. After a few more tries on my hand, I used it on my eyes. To my surprise, the pigment was really bad! Then I asked for help from Eye of Horus on whether my liquid liner has dried up so fast? I then learned that I need to PRIME the tip:  Take off the cap and turn it upside down to make a ‘cup’, point the tip inside the cupped lid and bend against rim which will draw the liquid to the tip. After that, I had really good pigment and flow! The formula is really dark and really easy to control and draw close to the lash line. However, after a number of uses, the pigment starts to fade and it gets a little hard to draw a good fluid line – I presume the ink is used up already?

Overall: I LOVE liquid eyeliners because my oily eyelids and no eye liner pencil or gel liner would work on my eyes without smudging and running. This liquid liner is great, it dries really fast on my eyes and the tip is firm enough to draw a controlled line but soft enough not to tug on my skin. I don’t like touching up my makeup during the day, therefore I love how this liner stays on my eyes all day without me having to check up on it. Removal is easy with cleansing oil and/or a cleansing water (I am using Aquamoist cleansing oil and Bioderma H2O cleansing water at the moment) without the need for harsh rubbing and tugging. However, my Dolly wink liquid eyeliner is still number one because of the calligraphy tip and the pigment.


Lush Cosmetics Emotional Brilliance

In Beauty on 17/07/2013 at 11:30

Where I got it: I was sent a couple of products to try and review from Lush Cosmetics and I love them so much I decided to buy some myself as well!  These are available from Lush Cosmetics store for $29.99 (eye liner, eye shadow and liquid lipstick).  I was overwhelmed by the range of colors available I didn’t know what to get!  I wanted to buy all of them!

What I got: These are Lush Cosmetics makeup product from the Emotional Briliiance range.  I have 2 bottles of liquid lipstick in Passionate and Vibrance, 2 bottles of liquid eyeliner in Motivation and Quietly Motivated, a bottle of cream eye shadow in Focus.  They all have the same packaging, but the applicator is different.  Liquid lipsticks can be used as lip color and cream blusher.  The Emotional Brilliance range is about matching colors with you mood and psychological needs.



Left: Liquid lipstick and cream shadow brush head. Right: Liquid eye liner brush head.

imageAbove: No flash. Bottom: With flash

How I find it:

Liquid lipstick: The screw top lid is a doe-foot applicator sponge, it picks up a semi-creamy formula which applies on with a velvet-touch. The pigment of the lipstick is amazing, I can just use a few dabs on my lips and just spread it with my fingers.  Otherwise, one dip in the product is more than enough for the entire lips without re-dipping.  The color is very long lasting and very bright.  The formula is not drying but not creamy so I would say it gives a velvet finish, however it can be a little clumpy.  It contains organic jojoba oil, candelilla wax and rose wax (vegan).  I got: Passionate – a two tone purple pink color. Vibrance – shimmering golden orange.


Above: Half lip with Passionate. Middle: Full lip with Passionate. Bottom: Blotted with tissue paper.


Above: Half lip with Vibrance. Middle: Full lips with Vibrace. Bottom: blotted with tissue paper

Cream eye shadow: The screw top lid is a doe-foot applicator sponge, the product formula is very much similar to the liquid lipstick.  The pigment of the eye shadow is amazing, it dries to a powder finish on the skin and the color is vibrant.  However, this iridescent blue/grey is quite pale so it might not work so well on my eyes.  It contains a soothing rose petal infusion, almond and jojoba oils.

Liquid eyeliner: The screw top lid has a thin eyeliner brush, the product is a bit thick, but very vibrant and pigmented.  It contains a soothing rose petal infusion, almond and jojoba oils. I usually use a felt-tip brush so I need to get used to a soft brush.  It take about a minute to dry otherwise it gets transferred to my eyelids.  It does tend to smudge and fade with my oily eyelids, but it should suit people with normal skin.  Otherwise, very cool colours and very pigmented.  I got: Quietly Motivated – bronzed chocolate brown. Motivation – lovely two-tone peacock blue.

imageAbove: Quietly MotivatedimageAbove: Motivation

Overall: Love the range, especially the color range and its vibrancy.  The long lasting formula and the cute design. I did realise that the 2 lipstick colours that I got seems to have a different texture (Passionate was more fluid than Vibrance). My favourite is the liquid lipstick because that would be a product I would use most often.

Repurchase? Oh yes! They are so cute and the colors are just too attractive! These are the lipstick colors I would also like to try: Decisive, Confident, Bubbly and Power.

Disclaimer: I am not paid to do these reviews. All reviews are of my honest and personal opinions.

ModelCo Eye Define eyeliner in black

In Beauty on 29/03/2013 at 09:00

Where I got it: I got this in the March Glam box from Sample Bar. This is about $18NZD

What I got: This is a ModelCo Eye Define eyeliner in black. It comes with a cap with a sharpener at the top. Great if you are on the go, you don’t have to bring your sharpener with you.

How I find it: I am not a big fan of pencil eye liner because I have oily eyelids and it always, ALWAYS run/smudge down my eyes so I will get panda eyes by lunchtime. I have tried many ‘waterproof’ or ‘budgeproof’ eyeliners and they all run. I have also tried gel liners which also does the same. Therefore I stick with liquid eyeliners.  Now back to this eyeliner… this runs as well, not surprised. However, it does glide on easily and quite pigmented. It does take a bit of time to dry because in the photo below, I wiped it off with a bit of water and it came right off.

Overall: sadly, this doesn’t change my views on pencil eyeliners. I will probably give this away or use it in some other way.. 😦


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