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Aquamoist Hyaluronic Cleansing Oil

In Beauty on 17/01/2014 at 10:00

Where I got it: I got this from Sass.com. I have purchased this previously and I loved it. This is my 3rd bottle! This is about NZD$14.50 on Sasa.com.

What I got: This is a 150ml pump bottle of cleansing oil be Aquamoist with hyaluronic acid. It works best with dry hands, but it also works with wet hands. The cleansing oil goes deep into skin and melts dirt and makeup in a flash, while hyaluronic acid retains the skin’s natural moisture level.


How I find it: I have been using cleansing oil for over as long as I can remember to effectively and easily remove makeup. I use about 2-3 pumps of this cleansing oil on my dry hands, rub it between my palms and massage the oil all over my face and my eyes. The oil is smooth, but not thick and feels silky on my skin. After about a minute of gentle massaging, I wet my hands to make the cleansing oil into a milky consistency, then I massage my wet hands all over my skin, working the makeup off. After working it off a little, I rinse it all off with luke warm water. Then I use my normal facial cleanser to wash off the remaining dirt and grime all over my face.

Overall: As this is already my third bottle, you can see that I really like it. It has a pump bottle, it is really affordable and it is highly effective and effortless. It removes all my long-wearing foundation (i.e. Estee Lauder Double Wear), liquid eyeliner, waterproof mascara (so far, all of my mascaras, except the Loreal Telescopic waterproof mascara – this stuff is tough!), blush, etc. It really does not leave my skin too dry and it also doesn’t make my skin feel greasy and oily. I have been using this for about 2 months and I am close to finishing it (I use it nearly every night).


Ponds foaming cleansing oil

In Beauty on 25/01/2013 at 11:14

Where I got this: I got this while I was in Hong Kong. I forgot how much tho. This is available from

What is this: this is a 155ml bottle of foaming cleansing oil from Ponds.

How I find this: I use this with dry hands and dry face, I find that I need to make 4-5 pumps to thoroughly clean my face. I work the lather onto my face and quickly the foam disappears and it feels a bit sticky, like you’ve just smeared gel cleanser on your dry face. Wash off is easy with just water.

Overall: I don’t like it. It doesn’t really take off all my makeup and I don’t like how it doesn’t turn milkly. The way that it turns into like a gel/thick sticky texture on my dry face, I feel like it doesn’t do a good job. Will not be getting this again. 😦



Shiseido Perfect Watery Oil

In Beauty on 08/09/2012 at 11:01

Where I got this:I got this in a drugstore in Japan in May for about $20NZD (?) I hate not remembering prices… I recently used up my cleansing oil and was looking to try a different brand.

What is this: a 230mL bottle of cleansing oil with pump.

How I find this so far: This is quite a heavy consistency which I would use 3 pumps if I have all the makeup on (foundation, powder, mascara, eye liner, etc.), 1-2 pumps if I have only got sun screen and eye makeup. Pump it onto dry hands, then massage it all over my face gently, then I wet my hands with a bit of water and massage it on my face to emulsify the oil (they say don’t just wash it off from the face because the emulsify stage is crucial to remove makeup). After a little bit more massages, wash off and clean my face as usual.

Overall: This removes face makeup very well, but you need to really concentrate on the eyes for eye makeup. Oh! I forgot to mention about the smell. It smells like green apple and pineapples! I loooove the smell. I will probably buy another cleansing oil next time.


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