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Fusion Beauty Ultraflesh Shinebox

In Beauty on 24/12/2013 at 12:30

Where I got it: I was contacted by Strawberrynet for a blogger collaboration opportunity. This is available on Strawberrynet.com for a special price of NZD$14.50 (on 70% off offer right now from $48.50). I always shop with Strawberrynet.com because they have great prices, they are with ebates, they offer free shipping for makeup and skincare (limitations apply for fragrance).

What I got: This is Ultraflesh Shinebox by Fusion Beauty. It is a 5-piece palette of 1x All Over Enhancer, 2x All Over Shimmer, 2x All Over Highlighter (eyeliner).

imageAbove: Box and palette


Above: Palette fanned out.

How I find it: The top section is the overall enhancing powder with Ultraflesh embossed on the power. This powder is a soft rose gold highlighter that matches the skin colour very well without being overly shimmery or sparkly. The pigmentation is average, but I prefer that for an overall powder/shimmer because it is easy to control. The middle section contains 2 all over cream shimmers. The one on the left is a pink-toned shimmer with pink micro-shimmer, the one on the right is a pink-toned shimmer with silver micro-shimmer. Both cream highlighters are really pretty and they provide a very nice highlight especially at the cupid’s bow and on the bridge of the nose. Both shades are really natural looking. The bottom section contains 2 compartments – Nude shimmer and secret shimmer. Nude shimmer is the same shade as the enhancing powder on the top section, secret shimmer is a white shimmer eye liner. Both are small twist up eyeliners.



Above: Nude shimmer and secret shimmer eyeliners.


Above: Swatches – Top to bottom: All over Enhancer, Cream shimmers, nude shimmer, secret shimmer.

Overall: The highlighters in the palette box are really versatile and easy to use. The shades are really complementing the skin and provides very natural looking highlight to the face. The cream shimmer is easy to work with fingers while the overall shimmer is great with a soft brush over the cheeks. The down side to the palette box is it’s weight and size – for 5 products, I am sure this palette can be much smaller in size and weight.

Strawberrynet.com offers many discounts and offers all the time, especially for new customers and loyalty discounts! Free shipping is the best when it comes to buying online. When it comes to online shopping, Strawberrynet.com is one of my top 3 sites to visit first.

Disclaimer: I am not paid to do these reviews. All reviews are of my honest and personal opinions.

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