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ARTDECO Color & Art Collection makeup

In Beauty on 21/12/2013 at 10:00

Where I got it: I got sent these for review, but they are exclusive to Farmers for a very reasonable price range! Check out my post on their first release in New Zealand here!

What I got: I have some of the new products in ARTDECO’s new Color & Art collection line. I have the trio beauty box palette with single eye shadow colours in 413, 416 and 423, Perfect Color Lipstick (#108) and Ceramic Nail Lacquer in #03.

How I find it:

Trio beauty box and eye shadows ($14 and $9): The 3 colours that I was given are green-based with a creamy lemon highlighter colour, a yellow-lime colour and a peacock green. The palette is designed to hold a blush colour ($20) which is not shown here. The palette box does not come with applicators, but it comes with a good sized mirror. The eye shadows are really pigmented and are nice and creamy. Not chalky and minimal fallout, the colours have micro-shimmers and are not too sparkly. There is a total of 12 adventurous shades in this collection.



Above: Eye shadow swatches

Perfect Colour Lipstick in #108 ($25): This lipstick is more on the moisturizing side and the pigment is not too solid. The lovely fresh orange colour that is great for summer (I love orange tinted lipsticks). You probably won’t need a lip balm before this and it doesn’t sink into my lip lines. The packaging has the same style in the collection. The finish is semi-glossy like a lip balm. There is 6 shades in this collection.



Above: Swatches for the Perfect Color Lipstick

Ceramic Nail Lacquer ($18): There are 8 bright and vibrant shades from the Color & Art collection. Unfortunately, due to health reasons I cannot swatch on my nails for the post because this nail polish is not 3-free. However, the nail polish claims to have patented ceramic particles with an irresistible shine and it is highly resistant against chipping.


Overall: The colours from this collection is bright and bold, just perfect for summer. The quality is great as usual. The Perfect Color lipstick was a little unexpectedly moisturizing and glossy-looking.  Packaging design is pretty, but not exactly my favorite style.

Disclaimer: I am not paid to do these reviews. All reviews are of my honest and personal opinions.


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