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New 2014 Shiseido makeup collection

In Beauty on 19/12/2013 at 09:00

Where I got it: I was sent these from Shiseido New Zealand for consideration. The new Shiseido Makeup products are due for launch in March 2014!

What I got: Shiseido has launched a few new makeup products including a Face Color Enhancing Trio, Sheer Eye Zone Corrector, Shimmering Cream eye colour, Lacquer Rouge and Lacquer Gloss.

How I find it:

Face Color Enhancing Trio in PK1 Lychee $68: This is a blusher, highlighter and a harmonizing colour palette with a sweeper brush which can be used as a sweep across all the colours or just one colour. It comes in 4 different tones (RD1 Apple, OR1 Peach, RS1 Plum) and this is on the pink tones for lighter skin colours. The packaging is sleek and pretty. The colours can be used by itself or mixed together for an skin finisher. The formula is really creamy soft without feeling chalky, it has micro-shimmers that won’t turn my face into a disco ball. I apply the blushed to my cheeks, then the highlighter on my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose and brow bone. Then I finish the area off with the harmonizing shade which is a nude tone that is suppose to tie in all the colours together.



Sheer Eye Zone Corrector in 102 light/ochre $48: This corrector pen comes in 4 different shades. This is a highlighting concealor pen with a twist base and a cap. At first use, it takes around 20 odd turns to get the product out into the brush. The corrector pen has wide soft brushes and a thick barrel to hold the pen firmly. The shade suits my skin tone well as this is more of a neutral tone highlighter/concealor. The coverage is designed to be sheer so that you can use it under your concealor for a highlighter effect, down the bridge of the nose and around the corners of your mouth and nose. The brush does create a bit of brush strokes, but nothing a bit of finger couldn’t help! Lovely effect if you need very light coverage or just to bump up some areas you need to stand out.

Shimmering Cream Eye Color in BL722 Nightfall $49: This little cream eye shadow comes in 6 different shades. This is a dark blue/graphite colour with micro-shimmers. The cream texture is really soft to use and it feels just like a lip balm when I swirl around the pot with my fingers. The eye shadow is intensely pigmented and the color is exactly the same as you see in the pot. The finish is shimmery-matte and has great staying power. This is certainly my favorite colour to use when I want a smoke-y eye look!

Lacquer Rouge in PK415 Bonbon $51: These liquid lipsticks were previously launched in 2012, and due to the popularity of the product, Shiseido has come up with 6 new shades. These creamy pigmented lip lacquers creates a layer of solid colour. This colour may need to be applied over a lip colour instead of on its own. The creamy candy pink is not the best colour for my skin tone or my natural lip. Therefore it is really hard to get the lacquer to cover my lips evenly without a lip liner effect. You’ll see what I mean in the swatch below. However, this lip lacquer is not sticky, but as a lacquer, it is not designed to be very long-lasting. The applicator is soft and bends slightly to suit the shape of your lips when applying.image


Above: Swatches – half lip and full lips

Lacquer Gloss in VI207 Nebula $51: This lovely lipgloss is ultra glossy and softly pigmented. It comes in 6 new shades. This purple gloss has tiny shimmery particles in it but you can’t feel it when you press your lips together. The long and flat applicator brush is something different – it applies very nicely but I would say for smaller lipped lovelies, it may be a bit too big and harder to control. The tube is unexpectedly fat, but it is very good to grip! It looks great by itself or on top of a lip colour. It gives great gloss with a hint of shimmer!


Above: Swatches

Overall: Lovely products from Shiseido, the eye shadow and face products are bang-on once again. However, the rouge lacquer is a bit of a disappointment, but purely because of the incorrect match to my skin tone/natural lip colour. The quality of all Shiseido’s products are top quality and the packaging is sleek and sophisticated.

Disclaimer: I am not paid to do these reviews. All reviews are of my honest and personal opinions.


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