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LUSH Christmas blogger event

In Beauty on 18/12/2013 at 09:00

Last week I was invited to the #lushbloggerevent at Lush Queen Street for a Christmas get-together. I declined a Christmas dinner with one of the clients from my hubby’s company, just because the Lush event is waaaay more interesting! The store was packed with fellow bloggers and the place was stocked with beautifully wrapped gift boxes and knot-wrap gift bags! Not to mention it smells fantastic.


Above: All the lovely gift boxese around Lush! It really gets me in the Christmas mood!

This time round, there were much more bloggers and I got to meet for the first time some bloggers I talk to in real person! I’m not a very social-able person as I am quite shy, but I do like to meet new people! You never know if someone has the same interest as you do, you can have heaps of great conversations and be great friends. 🙂

This event we each got a goodie bag of Lush Christmas products including the Rose Jam shower gel, Poncho shower gel, Noriko soap, Snowman bath ballistic and Snow Fairy Sparkle massage bar. Then we got split up to make Furoshiki (風呂敷 – type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth traditionally used to transport clothes, gifts, or other goods) and my favourite Lush facial cleanser – Angels on Bareskin!


Above: I chose a really pretty recycled vintage scarf Lush sourced all over the world. I made the drawstring bag!

We then had lots of time for chatter and just testing out all the products in the store, bath ballistic demos and hand/arm treatments, etc. It was a great night out and I went home with my hair smelling wonderful simply for being in the store for 2 hours!


Above: Making Angels of Bareskin cleanser!

Looking forward to the next Lush event!

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