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Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

In Beauty on 17/12/2013 at 10:00

Where I got this:  This was a birthday gift from my sister about 6 months ago. I usually use nail polish for my nails, but recently due to health reasons, I have to refrain from nail polish (especially those that are not 3-free). You can get these from your local Farmers.

What I got: This is Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in #43 Laced Up. The pack includes a wooden cuticle stick, a small file, and 2 packs of nail polish stickers with 7 sizes. This claims to take no dry time, lasts up to 10 days and its easy to apply. Comes in plenty of different colours and styles.

How I find it: Starting with bare nails, I use the white side of the nail file to smooth the surface of my nails, then I used Zoya nail polish remover to clean off any oil and dirt from the nail surface (very important step). After that, I shaped the edges of my nails with the rough side of the file and then I am ready to put the nail polish strips on.

The strips have a clear top backing strip and a white backing strip (where the sticky side is). I peel off the clear sheet first, then the white backing sheet. The strip is now tacky, but doesn’t stick too firmly. The polish strip is a little stretchy, but I refrained from stretching it to deform the design. I line the polish strip to the base of my nail bed and apply gentle pressure onto my nail, using the flat side of the cuticle stick to help with the sides. The hardest part is the tip of the nails and filing the extra bits off. I managed to rip it off nice and cleanly for some nails and used the other half for my other hand (the strips are rather long). When they are all stuck down, I am ready to head out!


Above: Before and after

Overall: I used this for my work Christmas party at the races (matches my outfit for the day). This was not as hard to use as I thought. However, it is hard to use a flat strip on a curved nail to achieve a smooth finish. The tip of my nails are not really perfect. The most important would be to use the right size nail polish strip and line it correctly to the nail bed, otherwise you will have heaps or extra on the sides. It’s day 2 today and the nail strips still holds on great, no chips and peeling. Not to mention I have heaps of complements for them and I also won best dressed for the party! 🙂

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