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Red Seal Tea range

In Others on 18/11/2013 at 10:00

Where I got it: I was sent this for review but you can buy this from your local supermarket for about $2.50- $2.80.

What I got: I got 2 Red Seal tea bags (20s) in Mi-Chai and Green Tea with Orange. The tea bags are unbleached and have no strings attached (I love that because I use a plunger mug and I always cut off the tag because it wicks water up the tag and makes my cup wet). I am a tea-lover and I don’t drink coffee at all. I have a total of 6 different tea sitting at my work drawer (english tea, chinese tea, japanese tea, loose leaf tea, tea bags, etc.)

How I find it: These tea bags are tag-less (which is great for my type of travel mug, the tag tends to wick the water out and drip on my table). I pop one in the bottom of my mug and pour hot water over it. I often leave my tea bags to brew for as long as I finish my drink. The teas do not get too strong even when it is brewed for a long time and one tea bag would be great for a 350mL cup.

Overall: I love both flavours. Mi-chai tea is a warm tea that I like to enjoy on a cold day at the office or when I am feeling a bit ill. I have not been a great fan of cinnamon, but this tea is my favourite in my work drawer! It soothes my tummy and boosts my metabolism (great for when you sit in the office all day). The Green tea with zesty orange is very nice as well! Not exactly they Japanese type of green tea, but it is not black and strong. The zesty orange flavour is not sour at all (I refrain from trying fruit teas because I hate the sour taste that comes with it) and the orange fragrance can perk up the star of my day very well.  I often have it in the morning when I am tired or after lunch.

  1. I absolutely love the Mi-chai. Simmer some milk, pop in a little sugar and a few tea bags. Delicious chai latte kinda thing going on. Yum!

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