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Wella Professionals Color.id launch

In Beauty on 14/11/2013 at 09:00

Last week I was invited to the Wella Professionals Color .id launch in Parnell Studio Lumiere. We were greeted with drinks on arrival (peach tea by Harney& Sons was my favourite) and nibbles. There was also a very interesting finger food with edible paper and edible paste in a paint tube (weird, but they taste great).  After meeting with the lovely ladies at Maxted Thomas (Elysia, Jessica and Jacqui), had some yummy crab nibbles and watching remote-controlled cars spreading paint around, we were seated in front of a cat-walking stage.

Wella Professionals Color.id 2

Ian Thomas (manager of Maxted Thomas) started to introduce artist Laura Matthews and the oil-painting inspiration behind the Color.id. Andre Tetly from Wella introduced the revolutionary breakthrough in hair colour from Well Professionals – Color.id. Color.id is salon-only product and it allows your colorist to color your hair without the use of traditional foils which means the experience will be faster and much more comfortable.

The theory behind this is like oil painting, from a distance everything is blended in nicely, but by closer inspection, you see different colours in harmony together and in perfect juxtaposition to each other. The colours create one shade from a multitude of shades.


Color.id is based on InvisiDivider technology. The colorist adds the Color.id formula into the Wella Professional permanent color, mix it up and it allows the different colors to not blend or mix with each other (i.e: blue + yellow will not be green, but separated to blue and yellow!). Hence the hair color can be applied side by side without bleeding or foils! Andrew has done a live demonstration of the formula to show us the amazing results.

imageThe models display the lovely hair color from natural-looking blonde with high and low lights, mahogany red with dark undertones and an amazing black-violet-red transition. All the colours look really blended in well without looking patchy and harsh.

Color.id will be available in selected salons from Feburary 2014 in New Zealand


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