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Kérastase Fibre Architecte

In Beauty on 14/11/2013 at 10:30

Where I got it: I got sent this for review. You can buy this from most professional hair salons, Shampoo and Things, etc. RRP $48.00

What I got: I got a 30ml bottle of the Kérastase Fibre Architecte for very damaged lengths with split ends (Erosion level 3-4). Fibre Architecte addresses the needs of weakened hair, offering total reconstruction of the hair fibre. Hair is strengthened from the inside our and coated to protect against aggression.  After use, hair is strong, smooth and shiny.

How I find it: This is a 2-phase serum. After washing and towel-dried my hair I use about 3 pumps of this serum onto my palms then rub them together and apply all over my hair starting from the ends. Blow dry as usual and my hair will be soft and no tangles.

Overall: Great serum that is light and has a light fragrance. After blow drying my hair feels silky, soft and tamed. The silky feeling is long lasting and not heavy at all. I have tried not using this serum and it is just not the same. This serum is amazing! I absolutely love it and will continue using it.

Disclaimer: I am not paid to do these reviews. All reviews are of my honest and personal opinions.


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