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Michael Todd True Organics for Acne/Oily Skin

In Beauty on 12/11/2013 at 10:00

Where I got it: I got this on the Michael Todd website while it is on special at USD$70 and I got a 30% discount code as a limited offer! That makes it USD$56.95 (total value of $130.00!). Keep an eye out for discount codes because they happen often and there are plenty of beauty gurus out there with 20% discount code! Here’s my invite link for the Michael Todd products! Once you have made your first purchase, you automatically get 20% off all orders for an entire year (the discount will not be combined with any other offer).


Above: My box arrived safe and sound! Soooo excited!

What I got: This is a Michael Todd True Organics skincare set for acne or oily skin. The set contains full-sized products: Charcoal Detox cleanser, Organic Lemon AHA + DMAE toner, Kaolin Clay mask, Antioxidant Carrot serum and Jojoba Charcoal Scrub plus a travel size Pumpkin mask. This is such a bargain – about NZD$70 for 5 products that has so much hype on the internet!


Above: The line up of products!

How I find it:

Charcoal Detox Cleanser $24.00: This 210mL pump bottle of detoxifying facial cleanser is particularly effective in caring for blemished and oily skin types as well as combination and normal skin. The creamy vegan cleanser is infused with Activated Charcoal to deeply clean pores of toxins and bacteria for smoother clearer skin. Activated Charcoal is an amazingly absorbent substance, widely known for its ability to effectively cleanse the skin, unclog pores, and remove deeper impurities and dead skin cells. It’s ingredients are 70% organic. I remove makeup first, then I wet my face and hands and use one full pump of this cleanser on my palms, rub them together and massage on my face. The black gel texture is rather thick so it didn’t lather up quite a lot using hands (not even with my Clarisonic. The cleanser is really comfortable to use and it rinses off easily without having to rub it off with my hands too much. Smells great and feels great after washing off. On closer look, it is a clear gel base with fine charcoal particles.image

Above: Charcoal detox gel cleanser – single pump

Organic Lemon AHA + DMAE toner $18.00: This 250mL bottle of cool and refreshing organic lemon toner literally smells like a freshly made lemon pie. Made with extracts of lemons, oranges and cranberries in a base of healing organic aloe vera juce and blended with DMAE and alpha hydroxy acids. Also contains black willow tree extract recognized for thousands of years for its healing power and fresh, warm, spicy tea tree oil a powerful immune stimulant to help fight infections and promote clear skin. Clears away excess oil and lingering impurities while working to maintain the skin’s ideal moisture levels. It’s ingredients are 96% organic! After washing my face and drying off, I use a few drops of this toner on a cotton pad and wipe all over my face. This toner smells really really nice and it feels nice on my skin too! It is not too drying or tingling and I love how it has tea tree in here. This toner has been praised by a lot of people using the Michael Todd skincare range so I need to use this consistently to see what they hype is all about!


Above: Organic Lemon Toner on cotton pad

Kaolin Clay mask $34.00: This 100mL bottle of soft purifying clay mask uses the exceptional absorbent properties of French green and white and pink Kaolin clays to detoxify the skin, replace minerals and improve skin tone without dryness or irritation. Tightens pores and significantly improves smoothness. Also balances oiliness and aids in the elimination of blemishes. Not suitable for sensitive skin. 2-3 times a week, after washing and drying my face, I use 2-3 pumps of this clay mask onto my face evenly (love the pump design). I was expecting a white and thick clay consistency, but it was a orange-brown colour with a lotion texture. Upon application, I can feel the tingling on my skin immediately! It lingers for a bit but once its starts to dry up, the tingling fades. I love the tingling feeling because it feels like it is actually working, but I do know that it can be irritating to people with really sensitive skin. After about 10 minutes the clay mask dries and wash off is easy as well. Skin feels clean and smooth after washing off and I have experience no redness.

Above: Kaolin Clay mask – 2 pumps with this convenient air-tight pump dispenser

Antioxidant Carrot serum $37.00: This 30mL bottle of powerful anti-oxidant facial serum which is designed to balance all skin types and help it regenerate in a healthful fashion. Utilizes ingredients like organic aloe, green tea and vitamin B3 to minimize redness associated with acne and soothe the skin. It’s ingredients are 75% organic. After toning my skin, I use 1 pump of this carrot serum which to me is like a moisturiser. The air-tight pump dispenser is really good so that the product stays fresh and active. The serum is not too rich and not too light, it feels just right on the skin although it does require a minute or two to settle into the skin. I don’t even need a moisturiser after this!

Above: Antioxidant Carrot Seum – one pump

Jojoba charcoal scrub $37.00: This 100mL tube of unique facial scrub formulated with Jojoba Wax Beads and Activated Charcoal to effectively remove dead skin, impurities and toxins. Jojoba Wax Beads provide gentle exfoliation without leaving microlacerations on delicate skin. Highly absorbent Activated Charcoal penetrates deeply into pores to draw out impurities and toxins. Refines texture and encourages skin renewal, leaving skin smooth and refreshed. After cleansing, I squeeze about a 2cm diameter of the scrub onto wet hands, dot on my face then massage with fingertips. The scrub has jojoba beads which gives exfoliation but not too abrasives.


Above: Jojoba Charcoal scrub – use on wet hands and face.

Pumpkin Mask: This mask contains pumpkin enzyme combining with glycolic acid to dissolve impurities like dead skin and clogged pores. Adds brightness and radiance to the skin and significantly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after a single use. This product is for all skin types except sensitive. The powerful exfoliating properties of this mask may be irritating for certain skin types. Use caution when applying especially if you regularly use other exfoliating products such as Vitamin A, Alpha/Beta Hydroxy acids. This mask exfoliates using 5% glycolic acid and high concentrations of Proteolytic enzymes. Once a week after washing I apply about 2cm diameter of this pumpkin mask even over my face as a pick me up because this mask seems to be quite potent. Oh my, this looks and smell like PUMPKIN! I can’t believe it, I actually wanted to taste it!! After putting this pumpkin puree on my face for 5-10 minutes (with the same tingling sensation as the Kaolin mask), I rinse off with warm water and my skin just feels really smooth and bright! I did experience a small amount of redness on my cheeks but it wasn’t irritating and it faded after a minute or two.

Above: Pumpkin mask – this amount is enough for the whole face.

Overall: Love the cleanser and the toner. The masks area amazing, but be warned that they are rather strong (stings). The one item I don’t seem to use a lot would be the serum for some strange reason. I will be repurchasing these products and try some other masks and cleansers they have (I heard the Honey and Oat is quite good)

Thank you so much for reading!  xoxo

Disclaimer: I am not paid to do these reviews. All reviews are of my honest and personal opinions.

  1. That is such a good price for all those products!

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