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LUSH Bubblegum Lip scrub

In Beauty on 11/11/2013 at 09:30

Where I got it: I got this from the LUSH Blogger event a while ago. They are readily available in all Lush stores $12.50 for 25g.

What I got: This is a 25g tub of LUSH’s Bubblegum Lip scrub. This pink lip scrub smells like bubblegum and candy floss!

How I find it: I scoop a small amount of this lips scrub and rub it into my lips with either my ring finger or my middle finger. The sugar granules tends to fall off but with a bit on moisture on the lips before starting will help that out. I would recommend doing the scrub before you apply moisturiser or any kind of makeup because when you wash it off,  you may wipe off your makeup in the process.


Above: Scrubbing. Below: After scrubbing – soft lips without dry chapped skin

Overall: When I have dry and chapped lips, I really need to scrub about 3 times a week to achieve the same soft lips results every day. After scrubbing, I usually apply a good lip balm and a lipstick because that’s when my lips are the softest and smoothest!

Disclaimer: I am not paid to do these reviews. All reviews are of my honest and personal opinions.


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