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Battle of the Brands: Self-Tanners

In Beauty, Comparison on 10/11/2013 at 09:00

Why: It is getting close to summer and self-tanning is much safer than baking under the sun (UVA and UVB causes pre-mature aging, hyper-pigmentation, etc.). I have collected a couple of self-tanning products to do a little comparison post.



Tan applied from top down in order of 1 to 6

  1. Brown All Year Tanning Spray
  2. Brown All Year Tanning Cream
  3. ModelCo. Tanning Body Lotion
  4. Trilogy Bronzing Gel
  5. Le Tan Tanning Gel
  6. Le Tan Tanning Spray

Brown All Year Tanning Spray:

Application: The tanning spray comes in a plastic spray pump that gives out a large circumference fine spray. The application is designed to be used with velvety glove that comes with it.

Colour: The colour is quite brown and very pigmented. It goes on very pigmented and stays dark.

Long lasting? This formula is very long lasting and the colour doesn’t change in tone. The tan faded completely on the 11 day.

Brown All Year Tanning Cream:

Application: The tanning cream comes in a glass bottle with a pump so application is really convenient. The original pack also comes with rubber gloves so it was no mess at all. However, I applied with my fingers so I did have to wash them. The cream/lotion is quite moisturising but it does need a bit of massaging to get the tan even.

Colour: The colour is more chocolately rather than bronze. The colour shows up pretty much immediately and doesn’t seem to develop any darker.

Long-lasting? The colour is quite long-lasting and it looks really natural. I prefer this chocolately brown rather than bronze/orangey colour. The colour fades naturally and completely faded on the 11th days.

ModelCo Tanning Body Lotion:

Application: This is a rather pigmented body lotion from the tube, something like a body BB cream somehow. It has a lotion texture so it moisturises and provide SPF protection. Application took a little time to dry (maybe because this is a body lotion)

Colour: The colour is more of a reddish brown colour on my skin. As you as you spread it out on the skin, that is what you get. No shimmer,

Long-lasting? *This is not a self-tanner that is designed to stay for a couple of days.* This is a tinted body moisturiser, because as the tan is washable. This would be great for people who wants a bit of colour but doesn’t want to be stuck with a tan for a few days

Trilogy Bronzing Gel:

Application: Very easy to use gel/lotion formula. If you leave this sitting for a while, you need to give it a good shake to mix the tanning gel and shimmery lotion together otherwise you will only get the shimmery lotion.

Colour: The lotion is super shimmery compared to the other products. The colour is rather light but very natural looking. The shimmer wears off after a couple of hours. The doesn’t further develop after about half an hour and stays  the same. More of a bronze colour.

Long-lasting? It’s alright. The colour isn’t dark to start off with. I think it is designed to be a gradual tanning gel you use everyday to build up the desired intensity. The tan wears off gradually everyday and fully faded on the 8th day.

Le Tan Tanning Gel:

Application: Very easy to use gel formula that looks clear when you apply. Easy to wash off on your hands. Drys quite quickly.

Colour: The gel is clear with a hint of bronze when applied. The colour is developed after about half an hour and continues to develop after a few hours. The colour is a tad darker than the spray version. This is more of a natural bronze tone and it is a little it on the darker side.

Long-lasting? The color holds up really well and was fully faded on the 13th day (photo not taken).

Le Tan Tanning Spray:

Application: Must shake well and spray a good distance away from skin. Tends to get messy if you are doing it indoors so avoid that. Drys really quickly.

Colour: The colour is more to the bronze/yellow tones. It did take a few hours to fully develop the end result colour. Colour is natural looking and not too dark.

Long-lasting? Fading is consistent and natural-looking. Fully faded in 12 days.


Left to right: Day 1 to Day 4

Left to right: Day 5 to Day 8


Left to right: Day 9 to Day 12


  1. Brown All Year Tanning Spray – Best colour, darkest tan, fastest drying tan
  2. Brown All Year Tanning Cream – Best colour, most comfortable to apply, most moisturising
  3. ModelCo. Tanning Body Lotion – Most moisturising
  4. Triology Bronzing Gel – Best shimmery tan
  5. Le Tan Tanning Gel – Fastest drying tan,
  6. Le Tan Tanning Spray – Longest lasting tan

I hope you have found this useful! Any questions about these products, please do comment below!

  1. Love this post! I am so bad at not using some products I already have had for ages so will definitely have to bust out my Le Tan products soon before summer totally hits. Will have to check out Brown All Year stuff too! Thanks

  2. Brown All Year is amazing stuff! I discovered it a while back & love it! It’s the only self tan I’ll use now! I prefer the spray more than the cream as I love the darker colour & find it really easy to apply..the colour doesn’t last as long on me however which is the only disappointment..I seem to have to apply it every 3 days or so! Still love it though!

  3. […] a look at my Battle of the Brands for Self-tanners where I compare different self-tanners for their colour, longevity, application, etc. […]

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