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Brown All Year Self-tanning set

In Beauty on 02/11/2013 at 18:00

Where I got it:  I was sent this for review, but this is available online, pricing as per below.

What I got: I got a Tanning set from BrownAllYear which includes a bottle of Chocolate Tanning Cream with pump, Tan Spray with spray pump, velvet blending gloves and some rubber gloves. All comes in a well packaged box complete with instructions and a little wrist band for TANAHOLIC patients!


How I find it:

Chocolate Tan Tanning Cream $33.50 for 200mL: This tanning cream comes in a glass bottle with a cap (pump attachment comes separately so nothing leaks!!). This is a rich chocolaty cream that glides on like silk moisturiser to leave you instantly brown that stays that way for days. You can use the rubber gloves or your hands, you just need to wash them off right away otherwise you will have brown palms as well (unless that’s what you’re after). The cream gives a really nice natural tan that is buildable day after day. It wears off naturally like a natural tan and I’ve used a body scrub over it and it still stays nice and natural. Does not give me patchy tan and it is so easy to use, just like a body lotion.

Above: Chocolate Tan Tanning Cream – 2 pumps.


Above: Results with the tanning cream – Left with tan, right without.

Tan Spray Instant Tanning Spray $23.50 for 100mL or $33.50 with the blending glove: This is a more concentrated formula and is designed to be used with the velvet blending glove. I few sprays onto the blending glove and apply directly onto my arms and legs (in this case leg, because I need to take a snap of the difference). The tan is instant and will keep on developing to a darker tan than the tanning cream. Unless you want to look really tanned, one layer would be enough for a natural look. You’d be safer to put another layer on the next day if you are really keen. Comes in a normal bottle cap and a separate spray nozzle which provides a really nice fine mist. WARNING: the area of the mist is rather large so I accidentally sprayed all over my basin.

Above: Tan Spray – about 3 sprays onto the velvet blending glove.


Above: Results with the tan spray – Left with tan, right without.

Velvet Blending Gloves $13.50 or $33.50 with the tan spray: The blending glove is made of velvet on one side with a plastic/foam backing, and a fabric side. I spray the tan spray onto the velvet side to apply the tan. The tan spray will not penetrate through the glove and get into my hands. After using the gloves, I wash it and dry it ready for next time.


Overall: Both products smells yummy like chocolate and caramel. I love the tanning cream which looks just like smoothing chocolate sauce all over my body and I also love the effectiveness of the tan spray and the application with the blending gloves. BrownAllYear also has these products in travel-friendly bottles and double brown creams and sprays for that extra tanned look you’re crazy about. They also have a Quick Response tanning spray which you can control the tan intensity by allowing it develop longer or wash it off when the desired tan is achieved.

Take a look at my Battle of the Brands for Self-tanners where I compare different self-tanners for their colour, longevity, application, etc.  

Disclaimer: I am not paid to do these reviews. All reviews are of my honest and personal opinions.


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