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Limited Edition Shiseido Color Bar Eye Shadow Palette

In Beauty on 31/10/2013 at 10:00

Where I got it: This is a new limited release from Shiseido (Shiseido also sent me a bottle of VnC Cocktails Vodka Mojito – I’m gonna enjoy that with my sisters!). They will be available on Shiseido counters on 1st November for RRP$79.00. That’s 9 colours for $79.00. Pretty good for these high quality eye shadows!

What I got: This is Shiseido’s new Limited Edition Eye Color Bar eye shadow palette. Created by Shiseido’s Artistic Director Dick Page and used during New York Fashion Week (OMG!). This limited edition palette is inspired by a combination of colourful cocktails (Menth, Curcao, Soda, Champagne, etc.). You can use the colours on its own, or layer it to personalise your own ‘cocktail’ of shades! It also came with a little paper tube with matching design and 3 small brushes (cute!). It is a total of 9g, so 1g of product for each colour.

Above: Limited Edition Shiseido Color Bar Eye Shadow Palette

Above: Swatches

How I find it: The colours are all very pretty and the texture is just amazing! I have never tried Shiseido’s eye shadows before so I wonder if it has been so amazing all this time? When I rub my finger into each colour, it feels super creamy, like mousse! The eye shadows are really pigmented and very vibrant. Not powder and not chalky at all.

The colours (from top to bottom, left to right): Champagne – champange white with very find gold shimmer. Noisette – medium brown with very fine gold shimmer. Menthe – Green with a hint of greenish gold shimmer. Parfait Amour – Pearly purple with a sheen finish. Liquorice – Pearly black with a sheen finish, semi-matte. Cassis – pearly burnt-red with a sheen finish. Curacao – Pearly, shimmery blue with a sheen finish. Cafe – almost matte muddy brown with a sheen finish. Soda – Pearly white with pink shimmers.


Overall: From the first look it looks like Shiseido has collaborated with a very vibrant designer to come up with such a lovely palette with a variety of colours! The colour pay off is really good and the shimmer in the eye shadow is really fine so it is not ‘sparkly’. The texture is really smooth and almost creamy to the touch. The range of colour looks fun and suitable for a whole range of styles (vibrant red and blue, smokey black and purple, highlighting champagne and neutral browns. My favourite colour is Champagne, Soda, Curacao and Cassis! I also love using Champagne and Soda layered over most of these colours to create a whole new different shade!

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