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Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner

In Beauty on 30/10/2013 at 10:00

Where I got this: I got this from Sasa for about NZD $24.00. You can get this from ebay, Sasa.com or Cosme-de.com.

What is this: This is a felt-tip black eyeliner. Very waterproof. There is no button to click to get the liquid to the tip, I just store it with the tip down and the tip stays sharp always.

How I find this: After doing my eye makeup (sometimes I just use an eyeliner without any eye shadow), I like to start from the inner corner and draw a thin line along the root of my lashes. Then I follow my eye towards the end. For work, I usually draw a normal line finishing at the end of my eye with a short extension (like below). If I want more drama, I like to wear the cat-liner look. Otherwise, my Asian eye would also suit the downward extension of the eye-line to create a bigger and more innocent-eye look.

Removing is very easy. Sometimes I use a cotton pad soaked with my favorite Bioderma Sensibio Cleansing water and let it sit on my eye lid for a while then wipe off. Otherwise if I am very lazy, I use a cleansing oil all over my face including my eye area then rinse off.


Above: Casual eye liner without mascara

Overall: I love this eyeliner. I have oily eyelids and any pencil type eyeliner would not work on my eyes. The tip of this eyeliner is so fine you can have a lot of control. I can wear this all day long without smudging! I love it. I will definitely buy this again and again. Great value, great thin line, easy control and long wearing.

  1. I also love this eyeliner and along with the Mac liquid last, they are my holygrail!

  2. […] H2O cleansing water at the moment) without the need for harsh rubbing and tugging. However, my Dolly wink liquid eyeliner is still number one because of the calligraphy tip and the […]

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