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Ecoya Soy Candles in Fresh Pine Needles

In Others on 27/10/2013 at 09:00

Where I got this: I got sent this for review, but this is available from Farmers and department stores like Smith & Caughey for RRP$49.95. They are also releasing small and large gift packs with the limited edition candles $59.95 and $169.95.

What I got: This is a limited edition Ecoya candle in Fresh Pine Needles. It comes in a very gorgeous box with green design and snake skin textures. The glass candle jar is really sophisticated and comes with a silver plate on top as a cover.  It also comes in Plum Pudding which I heard that it’s simply the best sweet fragrance you can ever have at home – smells like freshly baked plum pudding! It’s making my mouth water and think of the Christmas holidays!


Above: Ecoya candle came to my house in a very cute little paper bag with ribbons!


Above: Gorgeous packaging and candle jar design.

How I find it: I just can’t get enough of the packaging of Ecoya candles, I could just put them around the house as decorations and not burn them at all! When I opened the box, the fresh pine fragrance filled my nose and it’s the best non-sweet, non-fruity, non-floral fragrance I’ve ever smelled for a candle! The pine fragrance is not overpowering and does not sting my nose. I bring it into my bathroom and light it up when I’m having a shower, then give myself a facial and relax with my music on. The fragrance does take a bit of time to fill up in the air so the longer you burn the candle, the more fragrant the air becomes. Sometimes I do like to take a shower without any lights on, just a couple of candles and Mozart in the background. That’s pretty much how I relax and pamper myself. Of course, I am really careful of where I put my candles and make sure the fire is distinguished after use and I put the lid back on and store upright.

Overall: Loving this beautiful candle, it gives a really nice fresh scent that is quite different to other candles out there. This is comparable to the $69 Archipelago Soy Candle (sweet pea) I got a while ago, only that Ecoya candles doesn’t give off the fragrance as much unless you burn it. It is both great as a candle and as a home decor.

Disclaimer: I am not paid to do these reviews. All reviews are of my honest and personal opinions.


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