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Clinique Superprimer Color Corrector

In Beauty on 06/10/2013 at 10:00

Where I got it: I got this from the Clinique counter in Farmers Botany while they had a 20% off beauty sale. This is $60 retail (very expensive I know for a small tube of primer), 20% off will bring it down to $48, then I have a $20 voucher so that brings it down to $28. For my overseas viewers, NZD$60 equals to USD$49 and £30. This is why I shop online for my beauty products, this exact same product is USD$27 on Clinique.com which is only NZD$32 – HALF THE PRICE! Products in New Zealand is really over-priced I don’t think anyone can blame me for testing the colours at the counter then buy the product online when I can save sh*t-loads of money, right?

What I got: I got a 30ml tube of the new Clinique Superprimer color-correcting primer in the yellow shade for redness on the skin. This primer is oil-free and 100% fragrance free. Yellow helps to counteract redness which is one of my skin concerns when I have breakouts, the skin on my cheeks can be a bit inflammed and irritated.

Above: Box and tube.

Left to right: Primer from the tube, lightly rubbed, evenly applied.

How I find it: I apply this to where I need it, not all over the face with my fingertips. I just squeeze the amount I need onto my fingers and apply directly. The primer is really really light and non-greasy. It doesn’t have a silicon texture, but it feels light and silky to the touch. The yellow tone is rather sheer and for me, it shows if efficacy around my nose area and some of my cheeks. It almost feel like it turned into powder when you spread it out evenly on the skin! After applying primer, I used the Clinique Redness Solution foundation in #03 all over my face (separate review here). The combo works amazingly – no streaks, no eraser crumbs, the foundation glides on easily, coverage to my redness and blemishes looks really good!

Overall: The primer feels really good and it is quite effective to my really red areas, but it doesn’t do anything to my pores or fine lines (I suppose it is not designed to, but it would be great if it does that as well). I do prefer Clinique’s Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector for my pores. Using it with a Clinique foundation will guarantee that the primer and foundation will not fight over each other and ensure compatibility. I have been a long time user of the Even Better foundation, Superfit foundation and I have tried the Stay Matte foundation and they are all great. One downside is the price, NZD$60 is quite expensive for a primer. If you can shop online, I would highly recommend so!


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