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Hot Spring/Summer hair trend with Sebastian Professional

In Beauty on 25/09/2013 at 10:00

In this post, I created this rockabilly do using Sebastian Professional products (channeling Dita von Teese) ! If you want to know what I used to re-create this flirty style for spring, read on! If you want to know what I used for this makeup look – click here.


Above: Finished looks with makeup done

What I used:

Sebastian Professional Mousse Forte RRP $39.00 200ml: Sebastian Professional Mousse Forte is an extreme strong-hold mousse for curls and waves. Formulated with heat-resistant activators and UV protection, this firm control mousse will deliver lasting de-frizzed curls and waves for hold under extreme control.


Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray RRP $37.00 for 150ml: A volume building spray gel, it is best for combining full-on volume and sensual softness. The cushion particle technology of Sebastian Volupt Spray beats both the ‘friction’ and ‘film’ volumising methods that either leave your hair harsh to touch, or with a hard and inflexible layer, by using two micro particles that bind themselves to your hair’s surface.


Sebastian Professional Shine Define RRP $34.00 for 200ml: Sebastian Professional Shine Define is a shine enhancing and flexible hold spray that protects your hair from hot tools whilst conditioning it with a natural, brushable sheen that leaves your hair with irresistible shine and definition.


How I did it:
Step 1: After towel-drying my hair, I apply Mousse Forte and Volupt Spray into damp hair to amp up volume.
Step 2: Blow dried my hair to set in product for added height and volume.
Step 3: Using curling tong, section hair and work my way through the entire head rolling and pinning. I spray some Shine Defineto sections where I want extra shine, then curl my hair with the curling iron. I follow the same direction throughout the entire hard so on one side the hair curls outwards and one side the curls inwards.
Step 4: Once all the hair has been curled, I lightly brush out the curls using a brush.
Step 5: (For a typical rockabilly look, the fringe is rolled, but my fringe is too long so I opted for another look) I took a front section of hair, rolled it from the sides and pinned it secure with bobby pins. Honestly, the fringe took me well over 20minutes to figure out, but the rest of the hair was very easy to do.
Step 6: When you have completed the look, applying Shine Define to finish the look with a glamorous shine-enhanced hold.
Optional step 7: I rolled my long curls up and tucked them under with bobby pins to create a shorter looking bob for a more 40s look. (Picture at the top is hair tucked and pinned)


Above: Hair down – finished look.

Overall: The products are easy to use but I am not usually really good with setting my own hair (few curling iron burns on my fingers) so this took me about an hour (not including makeup). The Mousse Forte and Volupt Spray created so much texture, getting volume was a breeze. Shine Define is good as a final shine-spray but I prefer to use it before the curling tong to give it great hold and shine to my curls. The curls held up really well because I fiddled with my fringe so much, but the volume and curl was still very strong.

You can definitely try this style out with your favorite mousse and shine-spray. Hope you all enjoyed reading! I let you in on how I achieved this makeup look in this post –  Rockabilly makeup look – 40′s glamour makeup

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