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LUSH Celebrate and Sikkim Girls Body Lotion

In Beauty on 23/09/2013 at 11:00

Where I got these: I got these from the LUSH 2013 Christmas breakfast preview last month. They were a preview for the media so we had to hold off reviewing these before the time for release to the public was close by! These will be available at your local LUSH store from October (10th I think.. for NZ).

imageAbove: Celebrate on  the left, Sikkim Girls on the right.

What I got: This is a tub of Celebrate hand and body lotion and a 100g tub of Sikkim Girls body cream from LUSH.

How I find it:

Celebrate hand and body lotion $34.50 for 225g: Celebrate the festive season with this beautiful unpreserved hand and body lotion. Rich and wonderfully emollient, the cocoa butter and almond oil will replenish and moisturise your skin, while the intoxicating cocktail inspired fragrance uplifts your spirits. Brazilian orange oil and lime oil tones the skin and lifts you out of the winter blues while cognac oil gets you into the party mood. This body lotion is more like a cream. It contains sweet orange flower water and invigorating lime to revitalise your skin.

Sikkim Girls Body Cream $45.00 for 225g: Fragranced with ‘Sikkim Girls’ from Gorilla Perfumes, this decadent cream will perfume the skin like no other. Jasmine flowers infused with vanilla pods and Darjeeling tea creates the soothing base. Unpreserved and beautifully rich, creamy butters and hemp oil nourish your skin while Tuberose, Jasmine and Frangipani essential oils entice others closer. A sexy, nourishing cream that will leave you feeling seduced after the bath or shower.

Overall: Celebrate has a more lotion consistency while the Sikkim Girls have a more of a balm consistency. Both moisturises very well and smells amazing. I love Sikkim Girls just before bed to relax myself because it smells like vanilla and tea. I enjoy Celebrate during the day or after a refreshing shower as a pick me up as the orange oil refreshes the mind. I would say Sikkim Girl was last longer because it is much thicker in the tub. Both body lotion doesn’t leave my skin overly sticky, but it does leave a good moisturising layer that you can feel. I love both of these body lotions from the 2013 Christmas collection.

Check out my review on LUSH Dream Cream which is also a body lotion that I love to use before bed. Thank you so much for reading!

Disclaimer: I am not paid to do these reviews. All reviews are of my honest and personal opinions.


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