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Nioxin Scalp and Hair Care System 2 Kit

In Beauty on 15/09/2013 at 10:00

This is a special blog entry as this product was sent to me for my hubby to try. So it will be sort of a guest post. Enjoy!

Where he got this: This was sent for my husband to review as he is suffering from thinning hair (not something he is proud of…) but you can get these from your local salons for $59.00.

Above left to right: Cleanser Shampoo, Scalp Revitaliser Conditioner and Scalp & Hair Leave-in treatment

What he got: He got a set of the Nioxin Scalp and Hair Care System 2 kit which is for fine, natural and noticeably thinning hair. So, I think I should give you guys a background of my hubby’s hair.. Ever since I met him (wow.. I think about 8 years ago.) He’s got naturally fine black hair that is soft. He style is hair everyday if he needs to go out.  When we got married, I had to photoshop his head to get rid of his thinning patches mainly from the back of his head. He’s not balding, but his hair is just thin and you can see his scalp easily in a number of angles. So the trial set contains a 150mL bottle of Cleansing Shampoo, 150mL bottle of Scalp Revitaliser Conditioner and a 40mL pump bottle of Scalp & Hair Leave-in Treatment with SPF15. This system contains BioAMP, Activ-Renewal and Scalp Access Delivery System which all works to help thinning hair.

Nioxin Thinning Hair system comes in 6 different kits to cater for 6 different problems:

  1. Designed specifically for normal to thin-looking, fine, natural hair.
  2. Designed specifically for noticeable thinning, fine, natural hair.
  3. Designed specifically for normal to thin-looking, fine, chemically-treated hair.
  4. Designed specifically for noticeable thinning, fine, chemically-treated hair.
  5. Designed specifically for normal to thin-looking, medium to coarse, natural or chemically-treated hair.
  6. Designed specifically for noticeable thinning, medium to coarse, natural or chemically-treated hair.

Head over to the website to find out which one suits you!

How he found it:

Cleansing Shampoo approx. $42.00 for 300ml: This shampoo helps to remove follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acids and environmental residues from the scalp skin and hair. Hubby loves this clear shampoo as it is very refreshing to use because it smells like peppermint which is what men usually prefers. It lathers up easily and leaves his scalp feeling fresh and clean. He just wet his hair, pour a small amount on his palms, work it a little on the palms first before putting the later on his hair. I find that directly pouring the shampoo onto the head isn’t very good for your scalp or hair.

Scalp Revitaliser Conditioner  approx. $51.00  for 300ml: This conditioner helps to provide resilience to the hair and control moisture balance. Hubby usually uses a conditioner every other day or every 2 days because he finds conditioners make his hair too greasy (he is the type that absolutely hates sticky and slimy feeling on his skin and hair). However this conditioner has a really light texture it also smells like peppermint. It washes off without leaving a greasy feeling. After washing off the shampoo, hubby pours another small amount on his palms and gently work the conditioner on his hair. He doesn’t like to use conditioner everyday, but he stuck to the routine whenever he uses this system, he uses all 3 products so the products can work at its best.

Scalp & Hair Leave-in Treatment approx. $45.00 for 100ml: This treatment contains antioxidants and botanicals that helps to provide a refreshed scalp environment. This pump bottle dispense this treatment in a foam consistency. After towel-drying his hair, hubby uses 1-2 pumps of this treatment foam and massages in his scalp and hair. The foam is really light and does not leave any residue and no mess.  He then style his hair as usual!


Overall: After about 2 weeks of use, hubby’s hair does look thicker! His hair is still fine because that is his natural hair type, but overall it has improved the look of his hair as I think there is more new growth. Hubby seldom likes to try new products for his body and hair because he can be quite subjective to new textures and scents. He really likes this set for its minty fresh feeling on the scalp and hair. The treatment mousse is basically weightless so that doesn’t affect his hair styling products. This trial kit will last him over a month with daily use (he uses small amount for his short hair).

Purchase? If he likes it and with further use it really increases hair growth and strengthen his hair, I will get these for him as Christmas presents!! I think I will benefit from this too because he I think he looks so much more youthful with more hair! I wonder if it works for my dad as well..? **I may just find out! Nioxin is doing a great Christmas gift pack deal for the silly season – Limited edition Pink packs are sold and $5 will be donated to Look Good Feel Better. The set retails at $93.00 (value at $175) which contains 300ml cleanser and scalp revitaliser, 40/50ml scalp treatment and 30ml hair booster. This set is available in 6 customised systems for different problems relating to hair thinning. These are available in salons only so call 0508 493 552 or www.nioxin.com to find stockists!**

Thank you for much for reading! Please follow be on bloglovin or follow my blog for more reviews! XOXO

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