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Plantæ skincare – Balance range

In Beauty on 05/09/2013 at 10:00

Where I got this: I was sent these products to review (thank you Plantæ). These products are available on their website or a few selected stockists which can be found here.  Product ranges from $27.90 to $79.90.

What I got: I got some Plantæ skincare from two of their ranges. The Balance range is great for all skin types to balance the skin: Extra Gentle Revitalising Cleansing Milk, Refresh & Refine Alcohol-Free Toner and Phyto-Nutrient Day Cream.


Above left to right: Refresh& Refine Alcohol-Free Toner, Extra Gentle Revitalising Cleansing Milk and Phyto-Nutrient Day Cream.

How I find it: I will review these individually.

Extra Gentle & Revitalising Cleansing Milk $39.90: The texture of the cleansing milk prevents the skin to be dragged by the motion of the fingers/palms. It contains ingredients such as Bergamot (and smells like Bergamot too), and anti-oxidant rich Sauvignon Blanc Grape Seeds – a locally grown and produced superfruit extract to help firm skin due to its high anti-oxidant activity. The luxurious feeling of the cleansing milk is really nice on the skin and it smells really nice too! Cleanses gently, therefore you need to remove all makeup before using this. However, I would probably only use this in the morning as I prefer my cleansing gels in the evening (try the Purify Lemon Oil-Control Cleansing Gel from Plantae!). 99.50% of all ingredients have a natural origin from which
99.00% are produced by organic farming.


Above: Extra Gentle & Revitalising Cleansing Milk

Refresh & Refine Alcohol-free Toner $32.90: This contains Bitter Orange detoxifies leaving the skin refined and rejuvenated. Vinanza® is a superfruit extract, naturally processed from locally grown anti-oxidant rich Sauvignon Blanc Grape Seeds. It delivers exceptional skin firming and hydrating properties.  This contains 99.70% of all ingredients have a natural origin from which 96.38% are produced by organic farming.  I just absolutely love the spray bottle for this toner. Sprays perfectly and finely! OK, onto the product itself. The toner is truly alcohol-free and non-irritating at all.  After cleansing, I hold it about 20cm from my face and spray 2-3 pumps all over my face and let it absorb before putting on the day cream below. Smells fresh with a hint of orange.

imageAbove: Refresh & Refine Alcohol free Toner

Phyto-Nutrient Day Cream $48.90: This exquisite balancing day cream is full of anti-oxidants and polyphenols including nourishing White Tea, Rosemary Extract and Vinanza® Grape – a potent superfruit extract from Sauvignon Blanc Grape Seeds selected for their exceptional skin firming properties. Exotic oil blends perfect the balance: rejuvenating Myrrh, tonifying Jasmine Sambac, regenerating Bitter Orange, fragrant Vanilla Fruit Extract to uplift mind and body, and omega rich Evening Primrose Oil. This contains 99.40% of all ingredients have a natural origin from which 95% are produced by organic farming.  I apply this cream day and night because it does not contain SPF so it is OK to use at night. It is quite rich for my skin type to use during the day so night-time is great. One thing I do not like about the day cream is the scent, I cannot describe it but it’s not my favourite smell.

imageAbove: Phyto Nutrient Day Cream

Overall: I love the cleansing milk and the toner the most. I think the day cream is too rich for my skin. I love the fact that they are made in New Zealand and that they contain high amounts of natural, quality and organic ingredients. Overall, the range is gentle enough for sensitive skin and it works great to balance combination skin.

Thank you for reading! Please also check out my review on their Purify range more suitable for oily skin!

Disclaimer: I am not paid to do these reviews. All reviews are of my honest and personal opinions.

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