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Lush’s first ever blogger event in Auckland!

In Beauty on 19/08/2013 at 10:00

When I received the invitation to Lush’s Christmas breakfast preview, I was really excited and RSVP’d straight away! Shortly after that I received another email from Lush for a bloggers event on the same day and I thought it was the same event. When I looked closer,  they were 2 different events! With all the excitement, I RSVP’d right away as well! 2 Lush events on the same day, I’m going to have an over-dose of Lush goodness!

After a few hours at work, I drove straight into the Queen street Lush store and was greeted by some familiar faces that morning (Megan, Peta and the lovely Sian!). There were juices and finger food served, but honestly, with skincare and beauty products in front of me, my tummy could not get any messages to my brain (much to my poor hubby’s demise, he had to wait until 9pm for dinner because I lost track of time).



Above: Some pictures of the night

There were about 13 of us roaming around the shop trying out body lotions, sniffing perfumes, snapping photos, sniffing shower gels and checking out the bath ballistics. After Peta’s short explanation of Lush’s ethics. Amber the manager of the Queen Street branch handed us a goodie bag each filled with top-selling products from Lush and talked us through the products!

  1. Dream Cream. A lovely chamomile and lavender scented body lotion. I love using this before bed!
  2. Ultrabland. This is a multi-purpose cream – cleanser, makeup remover, moisturiser and healing balm!
  3. Angels on Bare Skin. Fresh skin cleanser with rose and lavender. Loving this cleanser.
  4. Bubble gum lip scrub. A bubble gum flavored  sugar lip scrub that you can scrub and lick off.
  5. The Comforter. This lovely blackcurrant bubble bath bar that is a top 20 best seller! It smells great!
  6. Honey I Washed the Kids soap. This irresistible toffee and honey soap is a top 20 best seller.
  7. Cupcake. Chocolate scented fresh face mask that smells good enough to eat!

imageLeft to right from the top: Dream Cream with Ultrabland, The Comforter, Honey I Washed the Kids, Bubble gum lip scrub, Cupcake mask and Angels on Bare Skin.

We were also asked to choose 3 products in the store that we would like to try and I picked:

  1. Grass shower gel. A lovely green shower gel that smells like grass. Sooooo refreshing!
  2. You Snap the Whip body butter. Exfoliating body butter that you use as a body scrub in the shower. LOVE this.
  3. Dark Angel face wash. Great black charcoal cleanser to absorb oils.

After going through the goodie bag, we got hands on to make some fresh mask – the Cupcake!  We mixed dry and wet ingredients together and viola! Mask, done. We then moved on to different areas of the store for bath ballistic demos, bubble bath demos, emotional brilliance demos, facial demos and shower product demos.imageimage

Above: bloggers got hands on with making fresh face mask and trying out products and see demos of bath products

I can’t wait for Lush’s next blogger’s event!   Thanks for reading XOXO

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