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Australis Matte Out Mattifying Face Base

In Beauty on 13/08/2013 at 13:00

Where I got it: I was sent this to try and review. This is available from your local Kmart, Farmers and leading pharmacies for $21.00.

What I got: I got the Matte Out Mattifying Face Base by Australis. This is in a stick form and the product has a light lavender tint to it, but I have no idea why. This is designed to be used under your primer or foundation. This claims to mattify the skin before primer or foundation.

imageAbove: Australis Matte Out Mattifying Face Base. Bottom right: I applied a line of the face base to the bottom part of my hand.

How I find it: After moisturiser, I apply the Matte Out Face Base directly onto my face. I then use my fingertips to work on my t-zone, then across my cheeks so I had my whole face matte. Upon application, the product appears to be invisible and just a little shiny, but let it settle and it will turn into a semi-matte look. I then apply my Australis Matte Up Foundation over it.

The effects of even skin tone is not very visible because the lavender tint is too light. I don’t really see the big difference using this and without it. However, I did use it on its own one day and it did mattify my skin for a good 2 hours (my skin can be quite oily in the t-zone). I like how it is clear and provides a semi-matte effect without looking unnatural.

Overall: I was actually expecting a little bit more oil-control with this face base. I guess I will try more different ways to use this or use it with other foundation.

Purchase: Probably not this face base because I did not find the effects of oil-control that impressive. However, I did try a very good Australis Matte Up Foundation and a lipstick base from the Matte collection!

Please check out my review for the Australis Matte Up Foundation and Matte Me Lipstick Marrifying Base. Thank you for reading!

Disclaimer: I am not paid to do these reviews. All reviews are of my honest and personal opinions.

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