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In Others on 01/08/2013 at 09:00

Woohoo! I finally got around to getting my custom domain name AND get some business cards done! Yay!



Above: My business cards from Moo!

I am a bit of a dummy when it comes to websites and electronics (it actually took me a while to get used to WordPress and my Samsung S4! Whew!). 

I was going to go for Bellyrubz.com, but the domain name was already taken by a dog-grooming company (cute). Well, I half expected it to be already taken because Bellyrubz is actually a weird name for a beauty blog .

When I started my blog in September 2012, I honestly didn’t think much about the name of my blog. In front of me was my dog sitting on my lap and him asking for a belly rub. So, that was how the first name of my blog came about ” Bellyrubz for my Miniature Dachshund”. Kinda silly eh?

It wasn’t until I attended some launch events and got talking to people about my blog that I realised the name is too hard to say out loud and people would give me weird looks. So I thought how I might change it to make it shorter, but not completely change it.. hence the new name: Bellyrubzbeauty. It’s not the most creative name but I did manage to keep ‘Bellyrubz’ in there and now it sounds more like a beauty blog instead of a doggy grooming blog! 😀

I have also ordered some business cards from Moo. Get 15% off with this link. They are due to be delivered early August so I will have some business cards soon! Woohoo! I’ll show you some pictures when I get my hands on them. So excited!

I still have much to learn about blogging I would love any tips you have for blogging!

Above: Very satisfied with moo.com for the quality of the business cards. Also came in a sleek little black box! This is only 50, I wonder how fast they will run out?

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