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Dr Hauschka Body Care Set

In Beauty on 28/07/2013 at 15:00

A few weeks ago I started using the new Dr Hauschka Body Washes and initially I complained that the scent could have stayed longer on my body, but then I learned that the scent from the body washes are from 100% natural oils which doesn’t have the staying power of synthetic perfumes in body washes.  Therefore Janet from Dr Hauschka NZ told me about layering with their moisturizers and oils.

imageAbove (L-R): Hand cream, Rose body moisturiser, quince body moisturiser, Lavender bath, Rose body oil and Lemon Lemongrass body oil

Where I got it: I was sent these products to try and review (thank you Janet!) from Dr Hauschka NZ. These are available from most Farmers and Smith & Caughey for $39 (click here to search for your local stockists). These are great for travel or trial if you are thinking of getting the bigger sized products.

What I got: I got a box of the Dr Hauschka Daily Body Care Set with a tube of hand cream, rose body moisturizer, lemon lemongrass body moisturiser, rose body oil, lemon lemongrass oil and lavender bath oil. The body oils and moisturiser comes in 3 other scents and the bath oil in 4 other scents.

imageAbove: Rose body moisturiser

How I find it:

Body Oil: The oil works best right after a shower where you skin is still moist, it envelopes you with an aura of fragrance whilst providing rich nutrition for your skin.  I tried mixing the oil and moisturizer together and they work as a treat. The oil is not greasy and it feels great on the body.  I took this with me during my trip to Sydney and it saved me from dehydrating air-conditioned hotel rooms!

Body Moisturiser: The moisturiser is light and it doesn’t leave my skin sticky or greasy.  The rose scent is mild but the lemon scent is great! The moisturiser is lighter and absorbs easily. The Quince scented one is also great, the scent is mild so it won’t be over-powering.

Lavender bath oil: The lavender bath smells amazing.  I usually don’t draw a bath for myself because it uses quite a lot of water, but I love giving my hands and feet a good soak.  The hot water and lavender scent is just the best during winter nights.

Hand cream: I have already tried the hand cream in the skincare post and I already love it. To have a small tube is just great for travelling.

Overall: In my opinion, l would use the body oil in winter nights and the moisturiser in summer nights or during the day.  I prefer the lemongrass scent over the rose. The bath oil is just a great treat for my body and it just relaxes me so much!

Repurchase? l absolutely LOVE the body oil and the bath oil. The moisturiser is convenient but in my opinion quite light so it would be more suitable for summer use. I also sniffed the Moor Lavender body oil and it’s relaxing and soothing, I might go for that one next! 🙂

If you have extremely dry, itchy and flaky skin or dermatitis, you might want to try the Dr Hauschka Med Intensive Ice Plant range.  Check out my review of the Med intensive Ice Plant cream (coming soon).

Be sure to check out my post on Dr Hauschka’s skincare range here. Thanks for reading! xoxo

Disclaimer: I am not paid to do these reviews. All reviews are of my honest and personal opinions.


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