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In Beauty on 28/06/2013 at 10:00

Where I got it: It has been a bit over a month now that I was sent these products to try and review (thank you Janet!) from Dr Hauschka NZ (follow them on twitter here). These are available from most Farmers and Smith & Caughey (click here to search for your local stockists).

20130601-140525.jpgTop: Dr Hauschka products

What I got: The parcel came with a bunch of products, samples and a book all about the company’s beliefs, technology and product description. I got <a

Cleansing Cream 50g (RRP$39), Cleansing Milk 145ml (RRP$59), Clarifying toner 100ml (RRP$59.00), Melissa Day Cream 30ml (RRP$65), Rose Day Cream Light trial size (full size 30mL RRP$65), Rejuvenating Mask trial size (full size 30ml RRP$85), Pure Care Cover Stick 02 Beige 2g (RRP$39), Cleansing Clay Mask trial size (full size 90g RRP$69), Normalising Day Oil trial size (full size 30ml RRP$69), Rose Day Cream Light trial size (full size 30ml RRP$65.00), Translucent Makeup 02 Beige Rose trial size (full size 30ml RRP$59). I also got the Facial Steam Bath 100mL (RRP$59).

How I find it: I used the entire range for a minimum of 30 days (a complete skin cell cycle) with the recommended regime and technique. I will review these one by one.

Cleansing Cream: The cleansing cream has calendula, chamomile, St. John’s wort to refreshes the skin, while the creamy almond meal base binds to dirt and impurities and removes them from the skin. Suitable for day and night time use. It squeezes out like toothpaste and it has a very oat-like smell. It has really small granules that are not rough at all. I use about 1-2cm of cleansing cream on my palm, mixed with a little bit of water to form a paste. The paste is a little sticky so it will apply onto my face easily. With press and roll motion of application (never rub or scrub), the paste will draw out impurities with a sucking motion. Using this technique, I start from my forehead, nose, cheeks, jawline and chin. Repeat 3 times, then I splash clean or wipe with a damp cloth. This is a really comfortable cleanser to use.

20130601-140749.jpgAbove: Cleansing Cream

20130601-140819.jpgAbove: Cleansing cream mixed with water to create a paste. Bottom: After pressing and rolling between palms.

Cleansing Milk: The cleansing milk has soothing jojoba, almond and apricot kernel oils combined with extracts of anthyllis, oats, rye and wheat to keep the skin’s natural pH level in place. It claims to remove eye make-up and face make-up. This is more of a lotion texture, it feels rich and soft. At night, I use about 2 pumps on my palm, and warm it up in my hands, then I just massage all over my face. This cleansing milk is good at removing very light makeup, but waterproof mascara I would still need to my cleansing water.

20130601-140733.jpgAbove: Cleansing Milk

Clarifying Toner: The Clarifying toner is specifically formulated for blemished skin with extracts of anthyllis, calendula, echinacea, witch hazel and daisy. It is also oil-free. I use this morning and night after cleansing. Holding it 20cm from my face and I spritz 5-6 times all over. I then either apply moisturiser (day) while my skin is still damp. This is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. I did notice the natural sediments in the bottle, but I feel comfortable with it. At night, I don’t apply anything after this toner (find out why here!). I was a little skeptical about no moisturizer theory. Usually when I don’t apply moisturizer after cleansing, my face gets dry, and it will over produce oil making my skin oily on the surface but dehydrated underneath. But this didn’t happen after the toner! Very impressive!

20130601-140803.jpgAbove: Clarifying Toner

Facial Steam Bath: This bottle of brown liquid smells really herbal and its made with daisy, nasturtium and witch hazel.  Best to be used after facial cleansing and before the cleansing clay mask.  Just 2 teaspoons to a pint (about 400mL) of hot water, place a towel over your head and steam away to opening pores and prepping them for deep cleansing!  The pair worked perfectly.  You may think that steaming procedure can be problematic, but it is such a relaxing thing to do and it does great on your skin.  I wonder if it works in facial steaming machines?


Above: Facial Steam Bath

Clarifying Clay Mask: The deep cleansing mask is designed to be used after the facial steam bath while the skin is still damp and the pores are open. This clay-based mask has nasturtium and witch hazel to deep cleanse and pull our impurities. I opened a packet and pour it into a container, mix it with some water and clarifying toner (you can also mix it with the cleansing milk for sensitive skin or with the normalising oil for extra help with oily t-zone area). Even though the scent and the color of this mask is not the most appealing of all masks, but this stuff works! After 10 mins, the mask dries like clay on my face. Removal is really easy because with a small amount of water, the clay dissolves and is easily removed without any forceful rubbing. My skin is cleansed and my blackheads are 80% cleared!

20130607-145212.jpgTop left: Fine clay. Bottom left: Mixed with water and toner (a little dry so I added more water).

20130607-145245.jpgTop: Just applied. Middle: 5 mins. Bottom: 10 mins – all dried up!

Rejuvenating Mask: I was given 4 little tubes of this mask and each tube lasted me 2 applications if I were to apply generously.  The mask claims to help with renewal of the skin, help with acne scars and brightens the skin.  This is a very versatile mask, it soothes and cools sensitive, sun-damaged skin, liven up mature skin and deep cleanse blemished skin.  The creamy mask is yellow tinted with a hint of green.  It spreads onto my face effortlessly and looks whitish.  After about 5 minutes, it turns transparent but doesn’t dry up the skin.  I wipe it off with a warm damp cloth and splash my face with cool water.  The immediate effects were not obvious at the first application but I do believe good things takes time.  I use this twice a week and I do believe I should use this after the clay mask to get best results!  You can also use it under your day cream to treat acne scarring!

20130601-140952.jpgAbove: Rejuvenating mask

Melissa Day Cream: Also known as lemon balm, this day cream has anthyllis, witch hazel, daisy and carrot to sooth and fortify the skin.  After spritzing on the toner, while still damp, I warm up a pea sized amount of day cream in the palms of my hands and press it onto my skin then massage gently.  The cream is lightweight and smells like lemon lozenges!  First it felt a little oily and greasy, then after about 5 minutes, my skin feels soft and smooth.  I thought it was oily-smooth, but it was semi-matte on my skin and with a little glow.  Then I just apply my own sunscreen and I’m done!

20130601-140830.jpgAbove: Melissa Day Cream

Rose Day Cream Light: The rose day cream is a lighter version of the rose day cream.  This is a matte, light textured cream that contains rose petal, rose water, rosehip oils, etc.  I actually like this cream more than the Melissa day cream! This is light and easily absorbed without residue or stickiness on the skin. With a hint of rose this is easily the best cream in their range that everyone can wear (too bad its in such a small tube!)

imageAbove: Rose day cream light

Normalising Day Oil: The normalising day oil contains carrot, anthyllis, St.John’s Wort and wheat germ oil. Find out more on oil for oily skin here. The texture of the day oil feels fluid and light, on the skin it is absorbed within minutes. I tried mixing it in with my Melissa day cream, but found it a bit oily on my face and it takes some time to absorb. It smells really therapeutic and I would love to have a facial massage with this oil and just fall into deep sleep, OMG this is really good! I love this oil!

20130601-140912.jpgAbove: Normalising Day Oil

Pure Care Cover stick in beige 02: I usually dislike concealer on a stick because they can be so drying on the skin.  This cover stick is designed for covering blemishes and healing them at the same time!  It contains anti-bacterial tea tree and healing extracts from Anthyllis and Calendula.  The shade fits me perfectly – like skin on skin!  The coverage is medium but it can be built up.  Recently I have been only wearing this concealer on my face to work – no BB cream and no foundation!

20130605-072620.jpgAbove: Pure Care Cover Stick in beige 02 (see how it matches my skin?!)

Hand Cream: This little sachet of hand cream left me craving for more!!  I am a hand cream freak!  This is their top selling body product and I can see why!  The lightly-yellow tinted hand cream contains almond oil, jojoba oil, etc. to moisture and nurture the skin.  The texture is a little thick, but it spreads nicely without feeling wax-like.  It locks in moisture without feeling greasy.  It does have a special scent which I don’t know if everyone would love, but I think its quite therapeutic.


Above: Hand cream sachet

Overall: Apologies for the long review, but I did want to do this as a skincare range instead of individual products.  Hence I am using only Dr Hauschka products for at least a month to try out the full effects of the range. After this month, my skin is much more radiant and I do feel that the condition of my skin improved from within.  Good things takes time and I think these products are not about making dramatic differences within a few uses, but it works in harmony with your body and the natural cell-turnovers to deliver effective results.

Repurchase? My favorite is the cleansing cream, clarifying toner, rose day cream light, normalizing day oil,c lay mask, cover stick and the hand cream.

Be sure to check out my reviews on the Dr Hauschka Body Care here.

Disclaimer: I am not paid to do these reviews. All reviews are of my honest and personal opinions.

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