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Garnier Olia Permanent hair color

In Beauty on 20/06/2013 at 22:15

Where I got it: I got this from a local supermarket for $14.95.  This is available in supermarkets and pharmacies.

What I got: I got a box of Garnier Olia in 1.0 Deep Black.  Olia is the first oil-powered home hair color, the oil does more than condition, it also boosts coloring process.  It claims to improve visible quality of hair – feels 35% softer, looks 17% shinier.  The box contains an applicator bottle, developer cream, colorant cream, silk & shine conditioner, and a pair of gloves. This new hair coloring system contains no ammonia with 60% natural flower oils.

How I find it: The instruct package was easy to follow, there is a pair of black gloves to protect my hands, the box doubles as a bottle stand. I mix together the developer cream and the colorant cream into the empty bottle, then shake to mix it all up.  I apply the hair dye all over my hair and had about 15% left in the bottle that I had to throw out.  After 30 minutes, I use the gloves to massage my hair for a bit and dampen my hair and massage a little bit more.  Washing off took a bit of time because the color was quite dark.  The conditioner was average.  Then I used the Argania oil on my hair and let it dry naturally.


Right top: Olia at work.  Right middle: Products in the box. Right bottom: Mixing.

Overall: This is actually the second time I dye my hair at home by myself.  I have medium length hair and it was a little hard to apply by myself.  The bottle was a little slippery sometimes.  Other than that, the scent was very nice because it had no ammonia and with flower oils, therefore the whole experience smelled great!  Color turned out like it should and it protected my hair very well, covered all my previous brown/bleached ends.  I love my hair color now, the dark black makes my skin fairer!

Repurchase? I think so, but I don’t know when I will dye my hair again. But if I had to recommend, I would recommend this simply because it smells great!


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