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Online shopping – Youshop by NZPost

In Others on 13/06/2013 at 23:02

This is not really a beauty/skincare related, but if you love shopping online, you might benefit from this service from NZPost (if you are in New Zealand) called YouShop.  I have been using this since the January of 2013 and they are setting one up for UK soon!

youshop-campaignphoto from NZPost

Who can benefit from this service: Everyone in New Zealand, if you love shopping online and the website doesn’t ship to New Zealand (it sucks because they think we are too far or something?!).

How this works: Once you sign up, you are assigned with a unique “address” in the New Zealand Post warehouse in the United States.  When you shop online, use the US address that NZPost assigned to you and it gets sent to that address.  Once at the ‘Warehouse’, NZPost will send you an email stating that you parcel has arrived and upon payment, the parcel will be sent to you New Zealand address!

So, how much does it cost? Signing up doesn’t cost anything!  As for the parcels, check out the pricing calculation here. But I’ll be honest, the calculations doesn’t mean much to me because my maths is really bad and the retailer doesn’t always let you know what the parcel weight is so you will never know how much the shipping is from the warehouse until NZPost sends you an email with the invoice to pay.  However, I can share with you my previous purchase…

So I purchased a bottle of Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and a bottle of Mario Badescu Drying Lotion from Nordstrom.  The parcel was 0.5kg, 28cm x 23cm x 12cm, Youshop charged me $31.50 for shipping.  This parcel was repacked (free of charge) by YouShop because the original packaging wasn’t suitable for international shipping.

I had also previously bought my patent perfect pumps from Ann Taylor (most beautiful pair of pumps that looks 90% like Christian Louboutins). The parcel was 0.9kg, 31cm x 22cm x 14cm and the shipping fee was also $31.50.

Unfortunately, YouShop cannot consolidate parcels, so if the retailer sends your purchase in separate parcels, YouShop will not put them together as one to save shipping cost. 😦  However they do give you a discount if you pay for multiple parcels at once.

What can’t I send? The limits are listed here. Dangerous or prohibited items (no perfumes or nail polishes sorry), items >30kg, items >3m2, items over $2,499, etc.

Hope this helps guys!  Feel free to ask me questions, otherwise check out New Zealand Post for more information!


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