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Estée Lauder Double Wear Zero-smudge Lengthening mascara

In Beauty on 07/06/2013 at 08:00

Where I got it: A friend of mine gave this to me as a gift.  I managed to try this mascara before I got my lash extensions, but forgot to post it earlier, hence I’m not with any lash extensions in the photos below.

What I got: I got a sample size tube of Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Zero-smudge lengthening mascara in black. It claims to give 15 hours of wear that gives extraordinary length and zero smudging.

20130524-191417.jpgTop: sample size packaging. Bottom: brush head is very normal, mascara is not clumpy on the brush.

How I find it: I curl my lashes and use a fibre lash base to give it some extra volume and length. Then I put 2 coats of this mascara on over that. This is more volumizing than I thought, and in the lengthening department is quite good as well! I think it lengthened my lashes about 40%!

Overall: It does live up to its claim for zero-smudging and I love it! I havent’ worn it for 15 hours so I can’t comment on that. But I do have oily eye lids/eye area and mascaras ALWAYS run to my lower eye area even after 5 hours of wear. The formula is not very smooth and glossy, but more of a textured finish, which I am OK with. 2 coats is not that clumpy but you can see eye lashes starts sticking together. Removal is very easy with eye makeup remover.

Purchase? I may if I find out the price. I do have a few favorite mascaras that are within my price range (Dejavu Fibrewig Lash knock-out, Dejavu Fibrewig extra long and Loreal Double Extend mascara).

20130524-191435.jpgTop: clean lashes. Middle and bottom: 2 coats of mascara and my usual eye makeup.

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