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Vinylux by CND

In Nails on 06/06/2013 at 12:58

I was invited to the Sofitel Viaduct earlier this week to see the the Vinylux launch (thank you Maria for inviting). We all braved horrendous weather to see what this weekly polish is all about. CND launched Shellac about 3 years ago and they have now invented another revolutionary polish system!

Drinks and macarons were served and I met some new people!

Aimee of CND and Hayley did a short presentation on the new nail innovation by CND. So here are some key selling points:

  • Vinylux can last for 7 days without chipping, smudging and dulling. The new technology they came up with made the colour toughen up with natural light, so as you wear it, it gets stronger. That’s something different from traditional nail polish!
  • Vinylux does not require a base coat or UV light to set the polish. You only need 2 layers of color and the Vinylux weekly top coat. This means I can do my Vinylux nails at home!
  • Vinylux has amazing dry time – 8 and 1/2 minutes. So I can get out the door sooner! I already have Seche Vite top coat which is doing a fantastic job already, so I need to see how this compares!
  • Vinylux is available in 62 shades with 30 of them are Shellac-matched. There is a wide range of reds and neutral colours (white and beige). Hayley also told me that their silver and gold is amazing!
  • Vinylux is very affordable – $19.90. However they are only available in salons at the moment, but Hayley told me they will be going into Smith & Caughey in the future.
  • Vinylux is easy to remove. You don’t have to get it removed professionally because it is easily removed with acetone and it doesn’t stain your fingers and nails when you remove it. Great news! I refrain from wearing dark colours purely because when I remove it, it stains my fingers and leaves yellow stains on my nails.
  • Vinylux formula is just like normal nail polish. All you need to do is to give it a good shake before application and the time between two coats is very minimal.

After the presentation, we all chose our favourite colour and had our nails done by the lovely people from CND. I fell in love with the bright red colour on the model’s hand in the video presentation so I went for a bright orange-red: Electric Orange. Hayley had to remove my existing nail colour with CND Scrubfresh and then the colour is applied directly onto my nails (I received some nice complements on my nail shape that they could star in their videos! Ha!).

After the top coat I sat and waited for about 8 minutes. I was still sceptical about the dry time, but I reached into my bag to grab my keys knowing that if it got ruined, I can ask them to reapply right there and then! No surprise to the confident Aimee, my nail colour didn’t even budge! I shuffled around with my bag, my coat and my goodie bag, got in the car and my nails had no smudged and scratches!

UPDATE 5/6/13 – 7th day today! Check out the photo at the bottom! Will be uploading another photo of the removal soon.

UPDATE 6/6/13 – I finally removed it this morning!  The polish was a little thick so it took me a bit of time to remove it, I also think that maybe my polish is not strong enough.  However, the removal was nice and clean, the polish didn’t migrate to the edges of my nails or to my fingers, so no staining there.

Overall: Very satisfied and surprised with the results.  The strength of a nail polish system that you could easily do at home by yourself.  Very affordable and cost effective (you get more wear for your buck!).  Not to mention the formula doesn’t stain your nails when you remove it.

Repurchase? Definitely!  Now all that I need to do is think of which colour to get……… gilded pleasure? silver chrome? steel glazed looked pretty cool!  What would you go for?

20130529-225717.jpgAbove: Vinylux in Electric Orange

20130529-225733.jpgAbove: Colour and top coat

20130529-231536.jpgAbove: Vinylux display – wide range of colours

20130605-211119.jpgAbove: 5th day

20130605-211148.jpgAbove: 7th day (a whole week). You can see the regrowth and the edges are fading out just a little bit. Very minor chips around the edges, but still looking fantastic!

20130606-125943.jpgAbove: Right after removal of the Vinylux.  Please excuse my natural nails looking a bit yellow (previous stains and lighting issues).

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