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Lash extensions at Cerise Lash Bar

In Beauty on 06/06/2013 at 13:55

In the March Glam box from Sample Bar, I got a voucher for a half set of lash extensions at Cerise Lash Bar. Initially I was skeptical to get them because I heard that it stings your eyes and falls off easily and painfully. But since this is free, I might as well try it! So I booked it close to my birthday (in less than a week now) so I would have pretty lashes. I have Asian eyelashes which are: short, sparse and hard to curl… poor me. But this experience was beyond my expectations! Let’s find out why.

Where I got it: I got the voucher from the March edition Sample Bar. I actually had a bit of a dilemma because I lost my voucher. I looked frantically for it and I decided to call Sample Bar for help. Lana from Sample Bar was soooo nice, she offered to email the people at Cerise about my case and if Cerise needs to call her she would be happy to help me. **Double thumbs up for excellent customer service!**

What I got: So the voucher is for a half set of lashes which is valued at $65 for 30 lashes per eye. Helen (master stylist, she’s quite pretty) and Elisia (owner of Cerise) are very friendly and professional (they also offer lash courses and makeup service). The little boutique is cosy and clean, the staff were all very hygienic as well. So these are semi-permanent lashes which will last 2-3 weeks depending on how you take care of them and how your natural lashes are like. For my Asian lashes, Helen said they won’t stay on very long, in about 2 weeks, they will be all gone. So if I do go in for a refill it will be in 2 weeks. Their bookings are really jam packed so I would really need to book in advance.

How I find it: So I lay down on a bed with electric blankets underneath (oh… that’s good for a cold morning), then Helen inspected my lashes to find the most suitable colour, size, thickness and length for my natural lashes for a natural-look. For 30 lashes per eye, Helen said I’m not going to see much a difference. So she sanitized her hands, cleaned my lashes (do not curl or put mascara on your lashes before going in for your appointment!) and applied a protecting sheet under my eyes to protect the bottom lash line. The sheet was a little uncomfortable to start with, but it was not painful. She the started to separate my lashes so that the new lashes won’t stick to a bunch. She applies the lashes one by one very patiently and carefully, at no point at all she was hurting my eyes or any part of my face (she even put some tissue paper on my forehead so she will not touch my first with her bare hands). There is no stinging, no glue fumes, no poking around my lash line, etc. It took about 45 minutes to do both eyes and while she was doing my lashes she educated me about lash extension industry in New Zealand. There are so many people doing things wrong out there its quite scary.

Overall: Helen said she would’ve been much satisfied with the results if I were to have 50-80 lashes per eye – that would make a big difference! But for me, I can see the difference clearly – longer lashes (100%longer), fuller and has a lovely natural curl. The main thing is I couldn’t feel a thing! They are so light and natural that after a few hours I forgot I have lashes on! My lashes have been done so perfectly you can’t really tell that I’ve got them on! Not even my hubby can tell (sigh). I am considering getting infills and extra lashes, but they are all way in Grey Lynn and Albany.. which is pretty out of my way… still deciding.

UPDATE 6/6/13: Most of my lashes are still intact, I would say at least 85% still there! I have been taking good care of them, but it is starting to be a bit of a hassel (i.e. cannot wet your face, apply eyeliner or mascara, etc.) But I will hold on for another week to see how it goes for 2 weeks the start recklessly rinsing water over them, etc. and see how they hold up!

UPDATE 12/6/13: About 50% of my lash extension left on my eyes.  Not too bad.


Above: right after application, I asked Helen to take a photo for me.

IMG_3332Top: My natural short Asian lashes. Bottom: With 30 lash extensions! p.s. I think I need my brows done…

20130606-150446.jpgAbove: After a week from the application (6/6/13). I have been taking good care of them lashes, they are holding up very well!

20130612-212118.jpgAbove: After 2 weeks.  About 50% left .

  1. Great post, Glad you had a good experience. I have been wanting to get it done.

  2. The lashes look great 🙂 have you thought about lash perms? I have far fewer lashes than you and love perms, the curls last about 2-3 months 🙂

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  4. […] amazing! (I just realised that Lana is the lovely person I dealt with on SampleBar mentioned in my Cerise lash extension post!! Super nice and […]

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