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Red Cherry Lashes

In Beauty on 03/06/2013 at 22:00

Where I got it: I got these on eBay, USD $9.90 for 5 pairs.  I got 10 pairs.

What I got: I got 10 pairs of Red Cherry lashes in 12, 13, 16, 41, 43, 82, 99, 106, 113, DW(demi wispies).  All black human hair. You can view all the styles here.

How I find it: I usually apply false lashes after all my eye makeup is done, then fix up my eyeliner if needed.  I wanted to go for natural looking lashes that won’t look too crazy on me.  I also wanted something that is a bit dramatic and fancy for when the occasion calls for.

Overall: all the lashes I bought had really soft and thin clear bands.  The lashes are really lightweight. I focused on getting natural looking lashes to build volume instead of length.  I also wanted lashes that flare out at the ends.  So far, my favorite is the DW and 43.  Most of the lashes are quite long so I had to trim them to make them more natural looking.  The length of the lash band is also a bit too big for me so I also had to trim the inner corners.

IMG_3235Above: My favourite so far – Demi-wispiesIMG_3234Above: easy to wear #13


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