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Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick

In Beauty on 23/05/2013 at 22:08

With all the hype with Revlon‘s colorstay ultimate suede lipstick and their liquid foundation, I was very  interested and have been wanting to try them since seeing so many Youtube reviews raving about them. These lipsticks costs NZD $32.99 each in NZ and they are about USD$10 each in the US. How ridiculous is that?! I cannot justify spending 33 bucks for a lipstick I know I can get it from ebay for half the price including shipping! Enough said, let’s get to the review.

Where I got it: I got these at my local Farmers, they are having a Revlon lip colour 2 for 1 deal (that’s more like it!). Works out to be around $16.50 each.

What I got: I got 2 Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in 090 Private Viewing (Sheer champagne pink) and 050 Couture (Bright blue-toned red). The lipsticks have a coloured base corresponding to the lipstick colour and a clear cap that clicks tight. There is about 40mm of product and it clicks while you twist it up which I find to be a great thing because it prevents these bullet style lipsticks to be twisted accidentally in your bag or in your pocket. This lipstick claims to be long-wearing, moisturising with a suede soft finish that feels really good. Does not bleed, transfer or smudge.


How I find it: With very well exfoliated lips that has no lip balm/gloss underneath. I find that I need to apply multiple layers (especially for Private Viewing since it is so sheer) to get that full pigment and moisturising effect.  I tried the Private Viewing f

First application: My lips are really moisturised and soft. There is a bit of shininess to it as well. The colour is nice and shimmery. From Youtube reviews, you need to leave it for 5-10mins for it to set.

After 10 minutes: The colour is only half set probably because I applied quite many layers, but so far it feels fine and looks fine. The shimmery appears to have faded and the nude colour seems abit dull.

After 20 minutes: The colour is set. I noticed that both colors look really different on my lips. Couture seems to sit better than Private Viewing. I guess a lighter lip color doesn’t do too good as a long-lasting lip color formula because they tend to sit in the creases.

After 4 hours (after lunch): Private Viewing turned into a frosted nude, which made me look like I’m sick.  However,  Couture is still looking alright despite my lips feeling a bit dry.  Both colors have faded around the inner lip edge making the color difference between natural lip and lipstick color very visible (as you can see in the 3rd picture below – it makes me think constantly if my lips look weird with a 2-tone color…?).  Otherwise the color didn’t budge after eating, drinking and talking!

After about 10 hours (after dinner): Both colors are still showing even after dinner! Of course I didn’t rub excessively because I do eat cleanly 😛 Removal was surprisingly easy with oil-base eye and lip makeup remover. I didn’t have to rub like crazy! My lips were left soft and supple, no dry flakey bits!

Private viewing

Top: Half with natural lip colour, half with multiple coats. Middle: Private Viewing. Bottom: Entire lips with about 4 coats immediately after application.

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede - Couture

Top: Half natural lip color, half with 3 coats. Middle: Couture. Bottom: Entire lips with 3 coats immediately after application.

Overall: The formula was drying to my lips, and accentuated my lines and the colors seems to sit in the creases. Everytime I press my lips together, they will stick together slightly. Other than that, I touched my lips with my fingers, tissue, drink water, eat some chips, etc. no lipstick came off at all! Didn’t even leave a mark on my cup (only achieved that 1 hr after application)! My lips are soft to the touch and they feel light as if I’m not wearing any lipstick!  I had pretty high hopes for these lipsticks but I was honestly a little disappointed. I have half expected this to happen actually because about 2 years ago I tried the Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick and the same thing happened. The drying of the lips and accentuation of my lines.

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede - Couture 21. After approx. 20 minutes of setting time – looking good.  2. Drinking from my thermal mug at 20mins – leaving just a tiny little marks.  3. After lunch – approx. 4.5hr of wear + eating + drinking + talking.  4. After dinner – approx. 10hrs of wear.

Repurchase? One very important thing for me is that I should go for shades that are either close to my natural lip color or darker.  So I would probably repurchase them only when they are on sale like this.

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