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Olay Total Effects Day Cream

In Beauty on 16/05/2013 at 22:00

Where I got it: I was sent this product to try and review, but you should be able to find this at RRP NZD$33.72 at leading pharmacies and supermarkets.  The price for Normal/ Gentle, with/without SPF is the same.

What I got: I got a (pump) bottle of the new improved Olay Total Effects (normal, no SPF).  The new formula has 2x the power for skin renewal (compared with no treatment). Other than that, it has the same fragrance, same texture, still treating the 7 signs of aging.  This comes in Normal (with/without SPF15) and Gentle (with/without SPF15). I love the air-tight pump bottle design, it gets all the product out and it is very hygienic.

How I find it: I use this during the day, but I think I can use it at night as well because this doesn’t have an SPF.  After cleansing and toning, I use the Olay Regenerist serum all over my face, the a pump 5mm of product onto my fingertips, then dot on my cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and smooth all over my face.  I also love using this on my neck and decolletage.

Overall: The fragrance is the same as the previous formula, and I’ve always loved the smell.  I like this cream because I feel like I can depend on it not to give me breakouts or making my skin sensitive while it gives me just the right amount of moisture I need.  I cannot really tell if it really does help with all 7 signs of ageing, but I do believe that signs of ageing is mostly caused by dehydration and lack of moisture.  So if this cream gives enough moisture and hydration – lines, pores and skin tone will be improved.

First application:  The cream is moisturizing but can get a little thick for oily skin.  But I enjoy the texture and scent so much it didn’t bother me.  I would need some oil control powder/primer over this.

Second day:  No allergies, no breakouts.  My skin is moisturized and smooth.  But just a tad oily.

After a week:  I don’t see much of a difference in pores and fine lines.  Firstly I don’t have much lines to start with, secondly I think I need to clean out my pores before they can be ‘minimized’.  Skin tone has improved slightly now that my face is brighter because of my hydrated and moisturizer skin.  Still feels that it is a bit rich for my oily skin, but with winter approaching I think this will be a good moisturizer for day and night.

After a month:  Fine lines, skin tone, skin dullness and hydration has been dealt with very well with this cream.  However, for pore minimizing, it still has a bit of way to go.  Overall, I can love this product simply because it doesn’t cause any extra breakouts, but if Olay could make a lighter formula, then I would be over the moon!

Repurchase? Sure!  I would even buy one for my mum! Olay total effects bottle


Disclaimer: I am not paid to do these reviews. All reviews are of my honest and personal opinions.


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