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Jurlique Exfoliating Cream

In Beauty on 14/05/2013 at 22:00

I have been using a granular-type exfoliator for a long time because I feel that it is actually doing something to clean my skin and sweep away dead skins cells. However, as my skin was flaring up (for whatever reasons), everytime I use a granular exfoliator my skin will be sensitive and redness will occur.  I also did some research that if you have breakouts, avoid scrubbing as it will break the skin and spread germs around my face.  So I went looking for exfoliation that is non-granular and not harsh on the skin… I was looking for enzymes, AHA, BHA, salicylic acids, lactic acids, etc.  and I came across Jurlique…

Where I got it: I got this from the Jurlique counter in Smith & Caughey New Market while I was shopping for mother’s day present ( I got mum a Rose gift set with hand cream, rosewater mist and lip balm).  The lovely lady at Jurlique also gave me some samples to try!   This is $39 for 40mL which is quite expensive as an exfoliator (this is selling fro AUD$25 on the Jurlique website).  I was deciding whether to get the Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator or this one.  But this won over because of the price.

What I got: This is a 40mL tube of the Jurlique Daily Exfoliating Cream. It has a screw top with a foil seal at the top which you use the top of the cap to puncture.  This exfoliating cream is gentle enough for everyday use without harsh scrubbing granules and leaves your skin feeling cleansed, smooth, hydrated and radiant with a natural antioxidant protection.  There are many natural ingredients (actually they are things that you can find in your kitchen cupboard!) including almonds, oats, oat-bran, sesame seed oil, macadamia oil, green tea extract, etc. I might try to make this at home when I am finished with this!

How I find it: I used it as soon as I got home. After washing my face, I lightly pat my face dry so its not dripping wet, then I squeeze a small amount (shown below) onto my palm and added some water to mix it into a paste (also in the picture below).  The instruction states (and the lady at the counter demonstrated) using press and roll motion instead of rubbing in a circular motion (I actually really doubted this action would do anything in terms of exfoliating and I did end up using my fingertips to massage).  First try didn’t really work out so well due to not enough product and not enough water…  As I was mixing the paste, I noticed that there are some large bits of oatmeal and almond skins, the paste didn’t really stick to my face as I apply it and almost immediately the oat pieces fall off my face as I press and roll.  Washing off was easy and it doesn’t leave a film on my skin.

Overall:  The cream has a nice oat and honey scent which smells really natural.  The colour is a mixture of honey, almond skin and oats.  I didn’t notice great difference after washing off in terms of brighter and smoother skin.  However I do notice that my skin is hydrated and not dry and sensitive.  The exfoliator sure is gentle, but I do feel that I could mix a similar concoction up with 1/10 of the cost in materials (the only matter if I can be bothered).

Repurchase of this?  Hmm.. maybe not. I’ll probably try the Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator.  Have anyone else tried this or the enzyme exfoliator?


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