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Smith’s Rosebud Salve

In Beauty on 20/04/2013 at 22:00

Last month, cosme-de.com was doing a buy one get one free and I ended up getting 1 item instead of 2 (I got some Bioderma cleansing water as back up). So I contacted their customer service, initially they said I missed out because it was first in first served. But when I checked out, it was clearly one free bottle in the order. Then another customer service rep offered to send me another bottle provided that I make a new order from their website. Therefore I got some of these products. Inconveniently, most of the cheaper products they offer on the website requires you to have at least 4 products in your cart to check out, so I had a bit of a shop around to fill my cart…

Where I got it: I got this in a recent haul from Cosme-de.com. I got this for USD$8. My local pharmacies and Farmers don’t stock these so I reckon $8 online is quite good! Free worldwide shipping too!

What I got: This is a 22g tin of the original Smith’s Rosebud salve. The balm/salve is translucent pink and I just LOVE the tin design!! I have seen my sister using this, my friends and heard all the good reviews online. The tin is not a twist open tin, but more of a pull-out lid.

How I find it: Initially, I had trouble opening it because it is not a twist open top. When I finally got it open (got my fingers all slippery), I found that the product got melted and re-solidify on the lid. I cannot explain my feeling when I saw it… I was disappointed, upset, surprised. Nonetheless, I scooped some out and applied on my lips. I don’t know how to describe the smell, is it how rosebuds suppose to smell like? I think it smells like petroleum jelly.

Overall: I love the balm, it is really moisturizing and it is long-lasting. It doesn’t build up in the inner line of the lip and it is not sticky. I can see that this will last me forever.. like 3 years! I am still using my Moa Green Balm at work and I have so many lip balms/skin balms at the moment my heels, elbow and ankles are protected for winter!

I solved my problem with a plastic spatula, small tub and tissues. I managed to scoop as much as I could back into to the tin, then I scooped some in a small tub to bring to work/purse. Now this works wonders!

I also got 2 O’slee UV block powder, Dr. Bronners Magic Pure-Castile Soaps in Tea Tree and Meilin blush palette.



  1. […] also got Smith’s Rosebud Salve, Dr. Bronners Magic Pure-Castile Soaps in Tea Tree and Meilin blush […]

  2. […] also got 2 O’slee UV block powder, Smith’s Rosebud Salve and Meilin blush […]

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