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Dove Beauty Cream Bar

In Beauty on 06/04/2013 at 22:00

I have been having really bad skin lately due to stress (over-time in the weekends nearly every Sunday from Nov last year, building our dream house and other stuff). My jaw line and chin had many breakouts that when one dries out, I have another two coming. They are not the type of pimple with a white head, they are the ones that are deep down, so you can’t really see it, but you can feel there is a big bump under your skin. I realised that even my Clarisonic Mia isn’t helping with acne so I stopped using it. Then I went to the doctor, I told him I don’t want any pills because we are trying for a baby (I have had isotane before, it worked wonders but it dried me out badly and I couldn’t get pregnant 6 months after I’m off the drugs), then and he recommended this (along with prescriptive acne gel).

Where I got it: I got this in a local supermarket (Pak n save) for $4 (I can’t remember) for 2 bars. You can get these in pretty much every supermarket.

What I got: I got the classic Dove Beauty Cream Bar (100g) in the original blue pack one. There are many other options: extra sensitive, pink for breast cancer awareness, shea butter, soft peeling gentle exfoliating and go fresh touch.

How I find it: I keep this in a soap dish and I wet my hands and face then I rub the cream bar (not soap!) in my hands and create some lather. You can feel the moisture from the lather right away! Then I put some of the lather on either of my cheeks, forehead and nose area. I then put my cream bar down and massage the lather onto my skin. I don’t have a problem with the lather running down my eyes because it is not runny. After massaging for about 30 seconds, just rinse off under luke-warm/cold tap water. Washing off needs a little bit of help with my hands. Then I also rinse off the lather from my bar and leave it to dry.

Overall: When the doctor recommended me the Dove beauty bar, it just came to my mine that my face does need something of less irritating (Dove Beauty Cream bar is PH neutral, soap-free and contains 1/4 moisturiser). Even though it is not fragrance-free, I find that my face doesn’t really react with fragrance, but you can get this unscented (extra sensitive). I went for the original one because it is a classic, and I don’t know whether it is the cream bar or the other acne gel that my doctor prescribed that is working wonders! My crazy pimples are 80% gone, my skin so really smooth (I can even see an improvement to my forehead and cheeks where I had no acne problems). I will continue using this combo (baby wipes for makeup removal and beauty bar for facial cleansing) for a while! I think this bar will last me for at least 2 months!


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