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Johnsons baby wipes

In Beauty on 03/04/2013 at 23:19

When my doctor recommended me to use the Dove Beauty Cream bar for facial cleansing, I thought I would change my makeup remover for a change (even though my Bioderma is gentle and effective enough, I wanted to find a quick and cheap alternative.)

Where I got this: I got this at the makeup sale at ASB showgrounds about 2 weeks ago for $4. My friend made a cheesy comment, but it got to me. She said “If it is good enough for a baby’s butt, its good enough for your skin”. She isn’t even someone who uses makeup or fussy about skincare, but she has great skin! I think its her genes…. Anyway, these look imported and I couldn’t find these in supermarkets. However, I do think that any fragrance-free, alcohol-free and preservative free baby wipes are good enough.

What I got: This is a soft pack of Johnsons’ baby wipes (56 sheets). Some of these do come with fragrance or added aloe vera, I prefer the classic ones. These are with fragrance, so after I am finished with this, I will grab some fragrance free wipes. I did see some in the supermarket with a hard lid for easy reseal, this one is with a sticker-type seal, so I have to push most of the air out and make sure the seal is good.

How I find it: I use this as makeup removal and for cleaning my Prada leather bag. I usually use 2 if I have face makeup, if I have only eye, brow and blush, I can do with one wipe. I fold this in half, then in quarters and I use the first 2 quarters on my 2 cheeks, then the other 2 quarters on my eyes and brows. Then I reverse the wipe and use the rest on my forehead and chin. When I have foundation/BB cream/powder, I would use a separate wipe to clean my face. I seldom use any waterproof mascaras so I can’t judge the cleaning effects of waterproof mascaras. I use ‘tube’ mascaras that are removed by water so they just get washed when I cleanse my face. After that, I just clean my face as usual (I have been using the Dove Beauty Bar).

Overall: I love these wipes, I have been using these every day that I wear makeup. The wipes leaves my face clean and soft, not dry or sticky like some makeup remover wipes do. I cannot say that these work for everyone because everyone is sensitive to different things, but as far as my verdict so far, it didn’t cause me any breakouts,whiteheads, blackheads, etc. One thing I would wanted better would be the thickness of these wipes and the sealed packet. So far, Bioderma cleansing water and these baby wipes are my HG of makeup removers.

20130403-082502.jpgJohnson’s baby wipes with a soft sticker-seal pack.

20130329-225416.jpgFirst wipe – with full face makeup (after a wedding). It cleaned my face, brow, eye makeup almost 90% (except for all my mascara and eye liner and foundation).

20130329-225428.jpgSecond wipe – I only had to use the left half of it to remove the rest of the face makeup and eye liner. I prefer to use water for my mascara (wash-off type). As you can see it is quite clean already!


  1. […] to my forehead and cheeks where I had no acne problems). I will continue using this combo (baby wipes for makeup removal and beauty bar for facial cleansing) for a while! I think this bar will last me for at least 2 […]

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