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Biore Pore Unclogging scrub

In Beauty on 02/04/2013 at 10:30

BWhere I got it: I got this from Farmers with a few other items. It is $13.99 NZD.

What I got: It is a 135mL tube of Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub. The cream texture has small round blue beads for exfoliation. It has salicylic acid and is oil free. The new packaging aims to refresh the brand and provide colour-coding (orange text for complexion clearing, blue text for deep cleansing). In this case, this is deep cleansing. I do prefer to colour of the tubes/bottles of the old packaging.

How I find it: I do my usual cleansing of my skin (currently with the Dove Beauty Cream bar) after removing any make up (currently with Johnson’s baby wipes). The with moist hands and face, I squeeze about 15mm diameter of the creamy scrub on my hands and apply with my fingertips. Gentle massage for about 30 seconds, then wash off. The gentle scrub gives a cooling sensation after washing off.

Overall: I like scrubs and the round blue beads are gentle, yet gives you that clean feeling of a scrub. It rinses off very easily and make your face smooth and clean without any oil residue. No redness and irritations. It does give a cooling sensation after washing off thus making your skin feel refreshed and clean. I use a scrub twice a week or when I have a days worth of heavy makeup. I am quite satisfied with this scrub and this would last me for a very long time.

*Try to refrain from over-scrubbing your skin when you have open breakouts or acne, I have rather bad skin a while ago and I had the wrong idea to scrub clean my face to get rid of the breakouts and acne, but it just worsened my redness and spread my breakouts around the area. If you do need to exfoliate, try using a gentle peeling cream or something with BHA/Salicylic acid*



  1. I use this too 🙂 I got it for $8 when it was on sale! SCORE 😀

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